Thursday, March 06, 2008


I like Hadouken. I really do. They are however one of like... nope, I was gonna say more but strike that... the only group that has not responded to me with regards to promo request/interview/etc. THE ONLY GROUP. Do you realize how many people I contact or have contact with because of this damn thing?

There are even other artists/bands who have clumsily fucked up interviews and liners, or have pushed me off on their A&R people never to be heard from again, but no one has just blown me off... Hadouken are the only group that have stone walled me. I mean, seriously don't ask me how because I don't know, but I got Klaxons to do a liner damn near a year before I even got anything other than a newsletter (I signed up for) from Hadouken.

But, all bitterness aside, I still like Hadouken... we play them on the show... their music is good... and they've gotten a couple posts on the blog here despite my frustration with nuffin coming from their end. So this song (which was leaked a while ago) will still get posted... I love you Hadouken... now have your people contact me lol...

Hadouken!- "Get Smashed Gate Crash"

Hadouken!- "Get Smashed Gate Crash" YSI

I'd write more but... there is nothing you don't know about Hadouken by now. I wish the album would come out here in the U.S... or maybe they should tour here... hmmmmmm ... good idea...

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