Saturday, March 01, 2008

Joy Division forgotten gem...

The nice part about working at a radio station with a SERIOUS record collection is that you can easily get your hands on things like this. I never realized it before but the b-side to my favourite Joy Division song (my fav band next to Babyshambles... I know... that's a huge difference in musical taste but that's how I roll) is TOTALLY different from the version you are used to...

First off the production and instrumentation are more stark and cavernous... then there is a bunch of extra lyrics at the end of the song... it's fun stuff to find that this exists! When a band hasn't released (and can't release) an album for 25 plus years it's the little things that matter lol... like those Martin Hannett Mixes that came out... anyway enjoy this... sorry about the distortion at the end!

Joy Divsion- "She's Lost Control (Single FACUS2 Version) Vinyl Rip

So yeah... just a little treat to tide you over. There's such a renewed interest in Joy Divsion because of Control that hopefully this will reach some new ears... anyway, make sure you check back because I've got a nice slice of Brithop for you in the next post..

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