Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dead Kids will sleep with your mum!

Yeah, Dead Kids are fucking awesome. They sound like a summer drive back from the beach, drunk, driving in the wrong lane at 100 miles per hour, trying to read "A People's History..." while getting road head. No really, I'm not going for graphic, that's what it sounds like. It sounds raw but decadent in a political way without being obnoxious... they rock so hard it's insane. And the fact that I can play Dead Kids songs when I DJ makes me even more happy... this "America Mix" below will have you losing your mind until next winter comes. Then you'll have a vast collection of Dead Kids mp3s, a sweet handmade medium sized tee shirt, and a picture of you and Dead Kids with Iggy Pop... I'm fucking bringing the power this week... read on...

ISoA:So hi there Mike. How's life at the moment?

Dead Kids:its pretty just waiting for spring to get kickstarted. im not a stay in and get cosy by the fire human being. i want to be out there in the sun. i only wear t shirts. i went for a walk the other day and a bird made a funny noise and then a squirrel walked alongside me. spring makes me feel like im in a disney movie. its cool.

ISoA:One would think it's going pretty well. Dead Kids are really making waves at the moment. What's the most balls out crazy thing that's happened so far as a result of gigging up to this point?

Dead Kids:i got to run across crowd of people in paris who then lifted me upside down and hoisted me up by shoulders so that i could run across the ceiling and then flip down and avoid smashing my head on the concrete floor by centimetres. that looked pretty good apparantly. i try not to do anything too balls out since ive had a few falls and a and e experiences. the adrenalin turns you though. you end up living in that moment with no fear. we are getting to play with iggy pop soon too so thats going to be a mission to say hello.

ISoA:Niceeeeeeeee... ok. Did you have any other names before Dead Kids? If not just make some shit up...

Dead Kids:ill make some up for you right now.

mother!, little dead babies, battle scar gallactica, we are the world, mr mortimer

ISoA:At least one of those will be the name of one of my children provided I ever have any... it would be warped to name your child "Dead Kids" you know. Anyway. You've had some stellar remixes so far... anything in the queue coming up that you'd care to let us know about?

Dead Kids:we've given a song I LOVE AMERICA that we wrote recently to some people in LA called Villains and basically there are tonnes and tonnes of people in their bedroom wanting to do remixes so i send them out the stems whenever they ask. this happens alot in brasil for some reason. i love brasil.

ISoA:Everyone has fucking amazing things to say about you. That you sound like "Dead Kids are the spitting electrocuted baby of PIL" and "this is a band capable of redefining contemporary music as we know it"... what is the most obnoxious thing you've read about Dead Kids up to this point?

Dead Kids:i dont know..dead kids will eat your children and sleep with your mum. i sprayed that on a wall in coventry. does that count? (ISoA Note: this is the coolest thing I've read in weeks)

ISoA:If you could be in one band for one day to teach them a lesson what band would it be (and it can't be Keane because that's too easy)...

Dead Kids:who am i to teach lessons? i'd shake the hand of anyone doing it because its pretty tough right now and if you can make money doing it then good for you. there is so much identikit music out there though that it hurts. if you watch mtv2 any one of those bands could be singing the other bands songs. there are no personalities. no charisma. it seems to me that if you go to university or if you've ever watched that SKINS programme then you have to be in a band. this means we get loads of good-looking and clueless bands with future managing directors of SHELL OIL on bass. the record industry are all looking around at each other thinking what the hell are we going to do? they are not spending half the money they were in the past. yet with all of this uncertainty i think this is still a good time. you baton down the hatches. you write music. you get out there. you deliver. i know there is a lot of blood but god told me to do it. i give everything ive got.

AND THAT KIDDIES IS IT! Except for this fucking anthem of a song. Once again, it actually is an anthem. It may actually make you feel something other than entertained so be prepared. Maybe put on a condom and listen to this song?!? You don't want to get your pants pregnant (I know you don't wear underwear either so that would be pretty obvious if you busted one)... my favourite French word phrase is "Super cool"... I just love saying it... "Soup-airrrrr kew-uhl"... and it almost always sounds like you're disgusted with something unless you say it like Borat... and then you sound like a twat... anyway... Check out Dead Kids Myspace and go to a show if you can. Support awesomeness.

IMPORTANT EDIT: There was a little confusion between Mike and myself about who did this song and what this song was called etc... THEN I GOT IN A FUCKING CAR CRASH RIGHT AFTER I WROTE THIS POST, GETTING T-BONED BY AN 80 YEAR OLD WOMAN WHO FORGOT SHE WAS DRIVING APPARENTLY, TOTALLY DESTROYING MY CAR and making so that I have no way to get to work (amongst 20 other awful fucking things)... ANYWAY IT IS A DEAD KIDS SONG! Not Villains! But they are remixing it! So there you go... now it's fixed 12 hours later because I was in the casualty department all night...

Dead Kids- "I Love America"

Dead Kids- "I Love America"

What a fucking great interview right? Keep it tuned for more awesomeness... I'm trying to get through the PR machine to bring you an interview from someone who has graced these pages and has been repeatedly given props by Klaxons... but you'll just have to guess for now :)

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