Monday, March 03, 2008

I take back what I said about Brithop... and give you GTA

Remember when I said British hip-hop was mainly a load of shit... that I love grime, but "British hip-hop" (of "Brithop" if you will) too often sounds like an awkward off shoot of American rap (which mostly sucks)? Well, yeah, I sort of have to take that back... at least for these two...

I got an email from a duo called GTA and... um... their new single is effing (I'm trying to get a new job shut up) great. I mean it's really really fun... and I mean that in a good way... like Muscles "My Friend Richard" fun, not watching SpiceWorld fun... you just have to hear it for yourself! It's a good summertime jam that you play over and over in the car with the windows down and the system turned up...

Check the video... you kind of have to or you'd be missing out on half the fun... as Chima said in his email "Considering the UK spends on average £250,000 on each
medical graduate it could be argued this video cost about
£1,000,000 to make..."

Anddddd here's the bio:

Having met at Gosford Hill School (Kidlington) in 2000, Neill Timms a.k.a Ineffable (22) and Chima Anya (23) quickly created a vibe that excited anyone with a vague musical interest in the Oxford vicinity.

Now a fully qualified Practicing Doctor and Assistant Accountant, Chima and Neill, respectively, have embarked upon releasing their debut album, "The Way", with the hope of adding some much needed charisma and sophistication to the UK's "urban" scene.

Drawing influences from the aforementioned hip-hop legends and their cohort, GTA have the substance of old school hip-hop spliced with the cutting edge swagger and charisma of what hip-hop is evolving into. A quote from Chima's facebook:

"The exuberance of the O’Jays, the grandeur of Mozart, the swagger of Jay Dilla, the soul of Al Green, the sentiment of Elton John, the golden tone of early Stevie. Ladies’ and gentlement, I give you… GTA”

Despite Chima moving to Birmingham for 5 years to complete a Medical degree and Neill going on to Oxford Brookes to study Business; they managed, during their student years, to be invited to support legends such as KRS 1, Amp Fiddler, Flavour Flav. They also put out their debut EP, "Love is Here", in conjunction with Blunted Records - a venture hampered both by Blunted's incompetence and GTA's own naivity.

Yikesssss... sounds like they aren't happy with Blunted Records... pause and really take that one in... hmmmmmm... anyway here's the track...

GTA- "Wanna Be Myself"

So yeah, I implore you to buy this if you like it because it's RARE that an artist gives us a high bit rate copy of their single before it comes out... or least downgrade the copy to like 128 for your friends and be like "Yeah, it's sounds great like that but you should hear it when it isn't torn to shreds... go buy it" lol... this is a duo that deserves serious support... you know I don't post crap...

Their Myspace has a few more downloadable tracks and an awesome design so I suggest you check it out.

Until next time... keep your ears and eyes on this space...

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