Wednesday, March 26, 2008

EXILE PARADE produced by Owen Morris

I know that a lot of people are looking forward to getting some audio goodies from Manchester's Lowline whose upcoming album was produced by the great Owen Morris...

In the meantime there is another band that Mr Morris has worked with that for sure deserves a look over as well... they are called Exile Parade... the other day I said something would have fit right in on the Doom Generation soundtrack... and this is another one of those songs... one you listen to on repeat driving through the desert 100 miles per hour as if you're trying to drive off the edge of the earth... the song is raw as rusty nails and I like it :)

The title would seem to be from the Twin Peaks movie... but you know I never actually got into Twin Peaks so I don't know much about it. I actually love David Lynch, in fact I was friends with his son in high school. Ironically he stole my Doom Generation cd and I called David Lynch's house to try to get it back... no such luck. POINT IS I never got into Twin Peaks because that would involve time and money and I have neither (and haven't had them for a good 5 years or so)... Anyway perhaps the song has nothing to do with Twin Peaks and I'm an idiot...

Here's an mp3 of the exciting upcoming single from Exile Parade produced by Owen Morris (Oasis/The Verve) and mixed by Rick Parker (BRMC/The Von Bondies).

It is being released on ltd edition 7" Vinyl... but you can just have it here at Arcadia for free :) But I still suggest you buy the 7" if you enjoy it...

Exile Parade- "Fire Walk With Me" YSI

Exile Parade- "Fire Walk With Me" Rapid

Here is a link to the music new video

Hope you enjoy. Comments are always appreciated. Join eMusic and make me $6 so I can watch Twin Peaks. Woo hoo. More goodies on the way.

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