Wednesday, September 03, 2008

All sorts of things... Midweek update!

So, I just got done doing an interview with the legendary Howie B... the man can be described as nothing other than a legend, is a really nice bloke, and I could have talked to him for an hour. Apparently his next big move is drilling for oil but you're going to have to wait.

Oh what little treat can I throw your way to satiate your musical urges for a few hours? Hmmmmmm... I gotta give you something to fuel these end of summer parties, club nights, back-to-mines, love affairs, dorm parties... whatever the hell you kids are into now! Hopefully this will do it :)

This is a wicked little rework that came from Prodigy on a comp here recently... surely a better fit than that "Love Buzz" rework.. I mean I LOVE Prodigy but... that wasn't quite my style... this is...
The Prodigy- "Ghost Town" YSI

The Prodigy- "Ghost Town" Mediafire

I can't get enough of Bloc Party and that new album... in fact I'm hoping to see them on Saturday night! Let's cross our fingers on that one :)
Bloc Party- "Flux (BBC6 Session)" YSI

Bloc Party- "Flux (BBC6 Session)" Mediafire

This one is pretty wicked as well...
Bloc Party- "Mercury (BBC6 Session)" YSI

Bloc Party- "Mercury (BBC6 Session)" Mediafire

Now I lost interest in Gnarls Barkley when I lost my copy of their first cd... I'm sure it's in my ex-girlfriends car. Whatevs. But this Radiohead cover is pretty sick.. check it out...
Gnarls Barkley- "Reckoner (Radiohead Cover)" YSI

Gnarls Barkley- "Reckoner (Radiohead Cover)" Mediafire

This has been out for a while as the American extra on the Dizzee Rascal album... but I just got around to listening to it... too much music... Enjoy it though!
Dizzee Rascal- "Megamaster 1.0 (Mixed by El-P)" YSI

Dizzee Rascal- "Megamaster 1.0 (Mixed by El-P)" Mediafire

And lastly this is the leak from Vice for the new album by The Streets... this album is going to be off the fucking hook and I hope you all buy it the day it comes out to make records!
The Streets- "The Escapist" YSI

The Streets- "The Escapist" Mediafire

I thought I would also mention Franz Ferdinand have started blogging on MOG (which if you haven't figured out yet I'm quite fond of. Here's a few links to what they have going on...

Speaking of blogs, you'll notice in the blogroll that Klaxons are in full blog fever... I'm not going to link them all here but you can find them on the side! That second album will no doubt be amazing. The moment that James Ford mentioned it when I was interviewing him my heart jumped... I am obsessed with hearing that record! Even the demos! Come on guys?!?!

Anyway, the Howie B interview will be up soon... it's a hoot. You guys will love it. Check back soon...

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