Monday, December 01, 2008

Fabriclive this Friday with 'Get Familiar' and 'Chibuku'... with exclusive free Fabriclive mix!

Whoooo hoooo! I'm back. Sorry for the sloppy posting...

I was on the longest stretch of days off since my wedding so I wasn't really able to post much as I was out having a life for once. But now it's back to the samo samo... which isn't a bad thing! I mean, hell, I got a superstar line up of people to do legal idents (a la Hello this is ______ and you're listening to 89.1 WIDR FM) for 'The Spirit Of Albion' which I'm quite happy with. In fact I just added the bed music the the one Frankmusik sent over so it'll be added to the Albion liners this Friday. If you haven't picked up Frankmusik's "3 Little Words EP" I suggest you get at it because there are limited quantities!

Fabric as usual have an unbelievable line up for this weeks party. And I've got a wicked mix to accompany it! I knew it would be killer when I saw that it started with Audio Soul Project (*cough* hit me up *cough*) and ended with Anja Schneider but you really need to hear it yourself to know how dope it really is! This is another example of where I think to myself "How much would I have paid for this ten years ago" and marvel at the fact that we are getting stuff like this for free now lol...

Here's a little press about the event and the mix...
This week see’s Get Familiar and Chibuku lock horns at FABRICLIVE on Friday the 5th of December. Chibuku Residents Lewis Boardman and Dom Chung will hitting up Fabric's room three alongside Jesse Rose and Riton. To celebrate the evening Lewis and Dom have given us an exclusive mix for FABRICLIVE that was recorded in Sept / Oct...

Jeru The Damaja (LIVE), Sinden, Zinc (House Set), Fake Blood, No Fakin' DJs

Andy C, Goldie, Grooverider, Commix, Ray Keith, Macpherson
MCs Dynamite MC, IC3, Wrec & Mad Rush

Jesse Rose, Riton, Lewis Boardman, Dom Chung

Audio Soul Project - Community 07 (Peace Division remix)
Dj Koze - I want to sleep
Loco Dice - Pimp Jackson is talkin now
Nick Curly - Happy 5
Sis - Standing
Dimitri Andreas – Run and Hide (Guido Schneider remix)
Kenlou – What a Sensation
Mountain People – Mountain 002
The Mole – Knock twice
Argy – cantstandlovegetaway
Anja Schneider – Belize

Lewis Boardman and Dom Chung Fabriclive Mix

As I'm sure you couldn't help but notice Sinden is playing at Fabriclive here so it's worth mentioning his new Fabriclive 43 came out everywhere but the U.S. today lol. I seriously wrecked my speakers in my car listening to his 'Get Familiar' Fabriclive... pretty infectious stuff! I've been having trouble deciding whether to post my interviews when the albums come out in the U.S. (since I have a Sinden interview on my digital recorder right now) or when they come out in the rest of the world... but for now I'm going to stick to UK release dates as best I can (which means you should be seeing that Sinden interview tomorrow!

Check back soon, and please bare with me... things have been high pressure at work, I've got the IRS on my ass, and just... just bare with me :)

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