Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Futureheads Acoustic Live goods from 'They Shoot Music' Blog

Here's something fun I had wanted to post that I got from "They Shoot Music Don't They" in my mailbox the other day...

Here's part of the email detailing their Futureheads video...
"i guess the videos we filmed with THE FUTUREHEADS are our contribution to all the christmas-specials out there. you could even call it a christmas session if you want to, at least the part where singer Barry plays a line of "Oh Christmas Tree" and a huge christmas tree on a building is guest-starring in the video.

Barry climbed on the roof of the venue for the first song "Radio Heart" and left us stunned with the way he creates dynamics with just an acoustic guitar and his voice. for the second video "The Beginning Of The Twist", he walked along the nightly danube canal, obviously very amused about a guy who did some welding at the beginning of the song. i don't really know why. he seemed to like it."

Check out more at http://theyshootmusic.at/posts/The_Futureheads

Made me remember how much I enjoy that band! I hope you dig the THEY SHOOT MUSIC DONT THEY Videoblog and enjoy what they have to offer in the future. Enjoy your Xmas/Holiday!

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