Friday, December 19, 2008

WTF... Vice Magazine Hates Frankmusik?

Ok, I like Vice Magazine. I do.

I used to download the PDFs and put them on my work computer because the people I worked for thought the internet was like a Porn Portal of Sin and locked us out of it (which was not really a problem because I just routed our connection thru a Chinese server and viola, had the internet... which ironically wouldn't pull up Vice Magazine). So, whilst calling the angry homeowner masses, I would peruse Vice and wish that I wrote for them.

They gave me a shitload of tickets to Intonation Festival... and truthfully? The top of the food chain has always been easy for me to get a hold of (not the staff for some reason but, it tends to be like that. If it were in the entertainment industry you could get God on the phone if you wanted, but not Jesus lol)... so I mean, all things considered, I enjoy Vice, and I have no problem with their staff either... up until today...

Why, pray tell, did they feel the need to use Frankmusik as an example of someone who "not good enough yet"? I mean, I can understand if it's not your taste but, really? He's probably the most exciting development in British pop music since the Klaxons. There are like LOADS AND LOADS AND LOADS of people to pick on... so fucking many (in fact there's a Frankmusik 'lite' walking around who has made a huge name for himself who seems to be a perfect target)... so why Frankmusik?

Is it because in an age where NO ONE can get a record deal Frankmusik did, and not ONLY did that, but also attracted the interest of Stuart Price (another guy who was WAY before his time... go back and listen to the LRD remix of Deejay Punk Roc's "My Beatbox") almost ensuring that releasing anything at all would put him in the top 10? Is it because he's slated to have a fucking bonkers huge album, and that it will actually BE good?

There has, to this date, been only one Frankmusik track that I was sort of "ehhhh" about (and that was his cover of "Missing" by Everything But The Girl, a song I could really go the rest of my life without hearing because I've heard it more times than I've heard my own name). It wasn't that his version was bad, it's that even though I'm an EBTG fan, I just can't stand that song. Frankmusik basically can't write a bad song... even his 'interpolation' of The Stranglers "Golden Brown", an idea that would make me question the sanity of most artists (because it's dangerous to play around with well known beloved songs), was fucking dope. I mean Boys Noize sat down and mixed it with him it was so good!

I mean really? What songs aren't "good enough"? HIS DEMOS ARE BETTER THAN MOST PEOPLE'S FINISHED ALBUMS! In fact when he sent me over some tracks and said "Oh this one's going to be free on my site" I thought "You must be fucking crazy because outside of bitrate these songs sound like album quality"... The guy is really polite, gives a shit about his fans, is friendly with the press, is pretty open about who he is as a person instead of trying to play a role... basically Frankmusik and Vincent Frank appear to be the same person... unlike the hordes of artists who are super nice on the screen and are fucking pricks in real life. Frankmusik is a guy who can go from playing a massive venue with big names to playing piano in a room with thirty people and still act the same.

So, I guess ultimately it comes down to one person's opinion... one that happened to get published. But unless you've got personal beef with Vince I can't see the point of the shit talking. Other than this I don't have problems with Vice but next time you wanna take shots at someone? Take shots at someone whose hype outweighs their capabilities. THIS PERSON IS NOT FRANKMUSIK. Nuff said.

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