Wednesday, February 04, 2009

EXCLUSIVE: New Ninja Tune signing SHUTTLE with "Rotten Guts feat. Cadence Weapon"

Man, Ninja Tune/Big Dada have been killing it lately!

That Wiley and Hot Chip track... The Qemists track with Wiley and all those crazy baller remixes they let us post... a Roots Manuva album we've still got in rotation at the station... because of their status as a legendary British label, from here on out I'm gonna post their American artists as well. Welcome to the family Ninjas :)

After all these more than blog worthy tracks now they take one of the best artists on their roster, Cadence Weapon, and pair him with one of their newer signings Shuttle creating pure rhythmic mayhem!

As you remember our previous posting about Cadence Weapon was about me briefing the curious Klaxons about him (whilst making a fool of myself saying I loved their DJing they didn't do the night before lol) only to find him performing "Magick" with them an hour later! Big Dada linked to good old Arcadia as a record of that moment in history which was a really proud moment for me. Cadence Weapon is one of the coolest hip hop artists in recent memory, and while he's not British (rather Canadian), I'm happy any time we can find a way to bring him up... Ninja Tune has given me a way to do just that by offering up this joint venture with Shuttle!

Who is Shuttle? He's do doubt someone you'll be very well acquainted with soon. Here's some press...
Welcome to the brave new world of Shuttle. You may have come across his remix work as Etan (for instance for Daedelus, The Death Set and The Little Ones), but nothing can quite prepare you for where he's ended up.

Epic, retro-futuristic, with a calm centre offset by rib-loosening bass squelches, "Tunnel" is a fantastic calling card for this young producer, originally from Southern Maryland who, after stints in DC and Baltimore, made his musical home in Boston.

"Rotten Guts" shows, though, that there's even more going on here than you might have thought. Teaming up with Cadence Weapon, Shuttle produces a stuttering, punk-r&b beat over which Cadence drops lines.

This track is part of his first EP "Tunnel" out on Ninja Tune on 16/03/09

So remember, the day before St Patty's, go cop that shit (then the day after St Patty's remember my birthday hehe)! Here's what you've been waiting for...

Shuttle - "Rotten Guts (feat. Cadence Weapon)"

Seriously, this sounds like production by Kanye West on a Crystal Castles binge with slight hints of Bmore flavour, and despite saying "no more bangers" at the beginning this track is pure dancefloor perfection. Honestly, I can't believe this track is going for free! If you dug it you can also get his mixtape over at Myspace. Or here!

Peace in the middle east... be back soon...

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