Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Little Boots covers VV Brown!

This is a pretty big tune right here... beyond that fact that it sounds great it's partially because it involves quick up-and-comer VV Brown and indie dance darlin Little Boots. Beyond how cool the tune is I got excited after I heard that VV Brown is working with Damon Albarn! I seriously think that man is like, I dunno the Carole King of the last two decades or something... meaning that he's written more fucking songs and done more projects than any normal person could possbile ever tackle... I'm excited to hear those two work together.

VV Brown- ‘Leave!’ (Little Boots Remix feat. Little Boots)

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Here's a little more press...
Released: 2nd March 2009

* ‘Leave!’ is VV Brown’s first single and hits the shelves on 2nd March along with this Little Boots rework

* Both VV Brown and Little Boots hit the BBC’s ‘Sound of 2009’ top ten list

* VV Brown brought the British nation to attention at the end of 2008 on Later With Jools Holland. That performance lead to an invitation from Damon Albarn to join his Afrika Express project in Lagos

* Also on this remix package are mixes by Swedish maestro Style of Eye and Drumsound and Simon Bassline

* VV Brown will be touring with The Ting Tings and label mate Ladyhawke in May

* You can grab a free mega-mix of the VV Brown album at this link:

I'd check out that tour if I were you! I'll be back soon...

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