Wednesday, February 25, 2009

TWO FINGERS (aka Amon Tobin, Double Click, and Sway) BRING MORE BOOTLEG MADNESS!

I used to get so wasted drinking malt liquor, listening to Amon Tobin, with my friend Matt. I don't know if that's weird or not but for like a week that's what we were all about. Going through all his albums on my G4 and getting trashed until we passed out. I'm not quite sure that he makes party albums but...

It sure seems he's joined the party at this point! The new supergroup Two Fingers is made up of Amon Tobin, Double Click, and Sway. It seems like a strange pairing to me until you think about the Big Dada connection and then it all seems to make booty shaking sense :)

They've done a series of bootlegs to promote their self titled album out on Big Dada 30th March 09...

Here's the first two in the collection:

Backyard Betty - Spank Rock / Dustmen Rhythm - Two Fingers &
Best Best - Missy Elliott / Moth Rhythm - Two Fingers

There zipped up right here...


YEAH! Check out more at their Myspace or at Big Dada. Be back soon! Lots to blog about!

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