Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Herve EXCLUSIVE TRACK from 2x Disc Compilation "Ghetto Bass"

You know we love Machines Don't Care and everything else Hervé (ne Joshua Harvey) does...

He's about to release a double disc compilation called Ghetto Bass which is composed of remixes, original tracks, stuff from Cheap Thrills, Count & Sinden etc... Not unlike Steve Aoki's near perfect "Pillowface and His Aeroplane Chronicles" this CD will no doubt rule the whole entire year! And you get a glimpse of it right here, right now...

I believe this is the last track on the comp:
The Count Of Monte Cristal & Hervé- "Jungle Steppers" zShare
The Count Of Monte Cristal & Hervé- "Jungle Steppers" YSI

And here is Monsieur Joshua "Hervé" Harvey talking about the project...

Here's the man in action... or Action Man rather :)

Here's some press...

‘Jungle Steppers’ - The Count Of Monte Cristal & Hervé
from the album HERVÉ ‘GHETTO BASS’
Released: 16th February 2009

Useful links: www.myspace.com/hervespace http://hmv.com/hmvweb/simpleSearch.do?simpleSearchString=Va%3A+Herve

* ‘Ghetto Bass’ is Hervé’s inaugural mix compilation, featuring his remixes, original tracks under The Count & Sinden name as well as Hervé’s other alter egos of Action Man, Young Lovers, Dead Soul Brothers and Voodoo Chilli

* Hervé has remixed Bloc Party, the Chemical Brothers, Mark Ronson and Lily Allen amongst many others

* He also runs the Cheap Thrills label which brought the world Fake Blood’s Mars – forthcoming releases include Jack Beats, Detboi, Rico Tubbs and Zomby

* Hervé has a busy 2009 ahead – with The Count & Sinden album being released through Domino and a second Machines Don’t Care album in the pipeline

You can order it from HMV... don't be a bum... actually get a copy of this as opposed to hopping around Hype Machine all day trying to find all the tracks. If you think about how much you get paid per hour, and then figure out how long it will take you to find all the songs that way, it's very obvious you're saving money by buying the comp as opposed to labour intensive piracy. It's just not a financially sound idea!

Be back soon with more... as always, comments are appreciated! Also check out his Myspace.

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