Tuesday, February 10, 2009

FSOL as Amorphous Androgynous presenting "A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble"

Good old psychedelic jazzy electronic... hold on what? That sounds a little odd. It might even sound off putting were it not for the fact that legendary duo Future Sound Of London are behind the helm of a new DJ mix using these elements under the name Amorphous Androgynous. Apparently, as you'll read below, they're trying to bring back buzz on Cosmic Space Music... not usually my bag but after listening to these tracks, and seeing the track listing, I'm intrigued as to what the whole mix would sound like!



Amorphous Androgynous are psychedelic cosmic rock supergroup comprised of Gaz Cobain and Brian Dougans aka seminal electronic duo, Future Sound of London.

This release is set to re-generate the excitement around the Cosmic Space Music concept and finally make the music available to the fans while aiming to re-create the essence of the mix a DJ trip spanning over 4 decades of genre-busting music featuring artists such as Mahavishnu Orchestra, Miles Davis, Donovan, Devendra Banhart, Tim Buckley, Hawkwind, Magic Carpet, Can, Emperor Machine, Pop Levi, The Earlies, The Psychonauts, Betty Davis and more.

Heres some info on Gaz Cobain explaining more about Amorphous Androgynous......

Who is Amorphous Androgynous?
We are the psychedelic super group formed and produced by seminal electronic duo, FSOL (Future Sound Of London). We have released 3 albums since 2001. The ISNESS in 2001 (reissued next month), Alice In Ultraland on EMI Harvest (PINK FLOYDs label) and the Peppermint Tree and the Seeds Of Superconsciousness on Freedimensional / FSOLdigital - out this summer. We have collaborated and written with many great musicians, Gary Lucas (Captain Beefheart/ Jeff Buckley), Alisha Sufit (Magic Carpet), Miikey Rowe (Oasis/ Sheryl Crowe), Baluji Shrivastav (Indian classical sitarist) and have just completed a mini tour of Russia.

What is Psychedelic Cosmic Space Music?
'Psychedelic Cosmic Space Music' is a reinterpretation of psychedelic MUSIC tracing the dots from its birth in 1967 to the present - a DJ trip through over 4 decades of genre busting, sonically diverse music.

Please talk about the concept of this mix album
We started resonating to a different frequency of sound in 1997, a kind of liberation from the monochrome escaping the limitations of genre. Music that blurs all boundaries and that exists outside of all the traditional genres. This album represents 10 years of collecting and researching and DJing in this area. All of these tracks we have found to be companions or TOOLS for the spiritual search or for expansive realms of consciousness. We have given them all an extensive road test. The AMORPHIC ACID test!!! ENJOY!!!

Check out more over at http://www.futuresoundoflondon.com/amorphous/ and http://www.myspace.com/amorphousandrogynous!

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