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AZULI GLOBAL GUIDE LAUNCH! Exclusive Indo "Are You Sleeping" Remix!

Everybody knows what's up with Azuli as the name is a staple in the house scene... and of course their new compilation is already causing a stir even though it's still a month off...

Check out this remix of a classic Indo track which the press will tell you... exclusive to Azuli's new compilation that isnt even released till March! Also in celebration of the Global Guide 09 Azuli are having a launch party at Pacha in London on the 14th of February to celebrate.

Indo- "Are you Sleeping (Jamie Evans Remix)"


Azuli Records reveal The World’s Top 10 Clubs AND Top 10 Festivals as part of their ‘Global Guide 09’, with Space, Ibiza taking the No.1 clubbing spot, and Burning Man, USA taking the No.1 festival spot.

Azuli Record’s latest compilation series ‘The Global Guide ‘09’ contains not only the future club sounds of 2009 but also a Guide to the Top Clubs and Festivals in the World (see list below).

To accompany the compilation, February and March 2009 will see Azuli take their Global Clubbing Guide on the road to some of the best clubs featured in their selection from around the world. From London to Miami to Switzerland to Sydney - this is not one for any clued up clubber to miss. Tour dates will be announced shortly and dedicated dance fans can follow the tour online at

To celebrate the compilation launch Azuli will be hosting the Club Azuli Global Guide Launch Party at Pacha, London on 14th February. The night will be hosted by Azuli founder and tastemaker extraordinaire David Piccioni, alongside D.O.N.S, who makes his debut appearance in London and Martijn Ten Velden. Don't miss it!

Club Azuli Global Guide Launch Party at Pacha London:
Date: Thursday 14th February
Location: Pacha, London, SW1
Time: 10pm – 5pm
Cost: £15

1. Space, Ibiza
2. Fabric, London
3. Warung Beach, Brazil
4. Cocoon, Frankfurt
5. Rex Club, Paris
6. Razzmattazz, Barcelona
7. Womb, Japan
8. Panorama Bar, Berlin
9. Amnesia, Ibiza
10. Goa, Italy

Australia Brazil Dubai Italy
Tank Warung Beach Peppermint club Goa
Onesixone D-Edge Chi - The Lodge Cocorico
Chinese Laundry Clash Club The Apartment Brancaleone

UK France Germany Japan
Fabric Rex Cocoon Womb
Matter Le mix Panorama Bar Spacelab Yellow
Ministry of Sound La Loco The Watergate World Kyoto

Ibiza Russia Spain Switzerland
Space Arma17 Razzmatazz Club Q
Amnesia Propaganda Space of Sound Mad
Pacha Shanti Industrial Copera D Club

Ceilo (NYC)

1. Burning Man, USA
2. Sonar, Spain
3. Bestival, UK
4. Exit, Serbia
5. Timewarp, Germany
6. Global Gathering, UK
7. Good Vibrations, Australia
8. I Love Techno, Belgium
9. Ultra Music Festival, USA
10. Creamfields, Argentina

Hope you enjoy the remix! And remember Azuli presents Global Guide 09 will be released 16th Feb 2009! Be back soon with more goodies!

Btw... in case you aren't familiar with Azuli's history...
A history of Azuli

It is fair to say that Azuli has become synonymous with the birth and evolution of house music in the UK and to this day remains the UK’s longest running house label. Whilst many may try to lay claim to a Woody Allen ‘Zelig’ like fantasy of having been there at every important part of its history, when it comes to house music, David Piccioni’s Azuli has pioneered where others have followed. From literally selling 12s out of the back of a van and his own Black Market Records shop (itself London’s spiritual home of house and dance vinyl) to having worldwide chart hits and putting together some of the most sought after mix and compilation series in what can now be loosely termed ‘dance’ music, Azuli has maintained its tight grip on quality control, international respect and credibility ever since its conception at the end of the eighties and the first vinyl releases proper in 1991.

The now world famous record store Black Market Records was taken over by Piccioni in 1990 and his American knowledge and experience was used to the full when starting his Azuli record label. “At the time there was a lot of house coming out in London from the acid scene but also a lot of stuff that was more American sounding which we wanted to put out,” recalls Piccioni. Thus with their shrink-wrapped, very deliberately US looking 12”s, Azuli’s debut release, Chocolate Fudge’s ‘Inner Fantasy’ flew off the shelves and into the world’s DJ crates.

Even though Azuli picked up an immediate following and reputation the label’s sales didn’t explode until its first UK chart crossover hits in the mid 90s. “After about 7 or 8 releases we had already gained a lot of credibility,” remembers Dave, “but we weren’t actually selling that many records. We were on a honeymoon period where all the magazines were talking about us but it didn’t really reflect on sales.” However, as Azuli’s global reputation grew ever bigger it wasn’t long before Dave’s impeccable house ears started picking out future chart hits.

Being a DJ who had lived in New York’s formative house community had meant that Piccioni had forged many a long friendship with DJs and producers who were soon to become global stars. By the time they started getting hits like ‘Needing You’ by David Morales, which hit no.9 in the UK national chart, Afro Medusa’s ‘Pasilda’ and other crossover hits such as ‘The Face’, ‘Eclipse’ and ‘Makes Me Love You’ Azuli had become one of the largest and strongest independent labels in the UK. Now with over 200 singles and various albums including compilations by Frankie Knuckles, Joey Negro, Francois K and Danny Tenaglia there seems to be no stopping Azuli’s meteoric rise.

But as many fans of the label will already know, there is more to Azuli than just quality house music. Azuli is about good music full stop. With this in mind Azuli have now established several superlative compilation series, helmed by some of the biggest names inside and outside of dance music. The Azuli ‘Choice’ compilation series are carefully and painstakingly put together retrospective albums selected by the world’s biggest DJs. From the DJs own liner notes on their musical selections, highlighting their personal musical journey, to the rare and forgotten gems that only such avid music freaks could pick out, it has become a benchmark series with big name DJs queuing up to put their name to the next installment. From Danny Tenaglia, Tony Humphries, Francois K and Derrick L. Carter to more recent offerings from X-Press 2, Jeff Mills and John Digweed the ‘Choice’ series has constantly surprised fans and given their DJing heroes a much needed chance to show their often overlooked musical diversity.

Then we have Azuli’s musical guide to clubland’s ‘after hours’ with their eclectic ‘Late Night Tales’ series. Put together with Azuli’s microscopic eye for detail this diverse musical selection is aimed much more for home listening and the post clubbing experience. From Hull’s finest, Fila Brazillia to Rae and Christian, Four Tet, Groove Armada, Howie B, Nightmares on Wax, Jamiroquai, The Flaming Lips and soon to hit the shelves French music maestros Air, the Late Night Tales have also included stories read by Patrick Moore, sonic ‘bits and bobs’ from artist David Shrigley and one-off cover versions by the artists themselves which has seen Kieran Hebden (aka Four Tet) tackle Jimi Hendrix and The Flaming Lips take on The White Stripes classic ‘Seven Nation Army’. Featuring an eclectic and diverse musical track selection, with exclusive additions and extra input from the compilers themselves, the Late Night Tales are now established as one of the most essential compilation series of the new millennium.

Then of course, Dave Piccioni has developed an immense following for his annual Miami CDs that collect the finest tunes of the Winter Music Conference. And what about his official Space Ibiza mix CDs that bring together the party isle Mecca’s future hits of the summer? Not forgetting Azuli’s ‘Made in Italy’ compilations and Dave’s annual mixes for one of his international DJ residencies at Cavo Paradisco in Mykonos.

Today Azuli continues to break the boundaries. The Choice series goes from strength to strength with international innovators such as Roger Sanchez and Richie Hawtin stepping up to create their own collection.

There is also the new Club Azuli project. The new and exciting compilation series that captures where the dancefloor is right now, fusing the best electronic house music. It comes not only in the traditional mixed compilation format but also as an unmixed version for the growing army of CD DJ’s. Club Azuli is also the banner for the Azuli event program which for the past two years has been discerningly visiting the finest clubs across the globe. There’s been the weekly Ibiza residency at the decadent El Divino overlooking Ibiza Town’s famous Port. The bi-monthly London home at the Cross, as well as the Club Azuli tours visiting everywhere from Singapore to Switzerland.

Azuli is certainly spreading the message worldwide and long let it continue.

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