Wednesday, February 25, 2009

EXCLUSIVE: South Central return with blazing Empire Of The Sun bootleg!

From Club NME, to their now legendary remix of Late of the Pier's "Space & The Woods", South Central have really made waves since they started brutalizing rock music with their buzz saw synths (while giving the bloghaus brigade a run for their money).

They are Arcadian Family... so they do get preferential treatment (in that I listen to their stuff while I don't have time with many others... sorry) no doubt... but it's because they're fucking awesome! I don't grant that status to people unless I think they've got staying power. It's gotta be a band, or artist, who has their own style, who doesn't compromise, who is trying to do something new and South Central embody all that in spirit and in their musical efforts.

So here we are with their new Empire Of The Sun bootleg... just in case you don't know what's up with that band...

"Empire Of the Sun are: Luke Steele, the brilliant but underrated singer and songwriter with Australia's The Sleepy Jackson, whose two albums (2003's Lovers and 2006's Personality: One Was a Spider, One Was a Bird) earned them critical respect but not the widespread attention they deserved. He made a further attempt to widen his appeal last year when he teamed up with Nick Littlemore (formerly one half of Teenager with Ladyhawke's Pip Brown and more recently one half of popular Australian electro duo Pnau)... and tada they kept writing songs together and now they're talked about a lot" (click on the paragraph to read the article I adapted and stole that info from @ the Guardian)

Right and right. WELL anyway... the ever mysterious South Central have given an Empire Of The Sun track the royal Brighton electroshock treatment... and it's free just for you...

South Central- "Empire Of the Bootleg" YSI

NOW... there's an important distinction... a remix is usually made up of "stems" that can be manipulated to make a new product. A bootleg is made up of the original song... no upper hand, no help from the label... just raw talent being used to twist something into a new creation. So keep that in mind... South Central busted their ass without the help of separated vocals and instrumentals just for your pleasure :)

Check out more (like the "Owl Of Minerva") at Myspace. And check back here for more awesomeness soon!

Check out "Golden Dawn"...

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