Monday, October 23, 2006

Lazy Sunday (Mobius Band, Larrikin Love)

So today Heather and I are going to see Mobius Band @ Macs Bar in Lansing... I'm like super stoked. They became one of my fav new bands after I heard their songs 'Electronic Piano' on the Ghostly International compilation 'Idol Tryouts 2' (which is the best comp I've heard in forever... I listen to it EVERY DAY and it's been out for a while now). NOW I KNOW they aren't British. But I'm going to post a song of theirs anyway because they deserve more exposure. I would like to post 'Electronic Piano' but I don't want Ghostly International to be mad at me. In fact I kind of want them to sign me, but I've got to get my record done first so we'll avoid talking about that again for a while!

NOW ON TO THE BRIT POST! I was very very very impressed by Larrikin Love and their album 'The Freedom Spark'. There is a song on the album called 'Meet Me By The Getaway Car' that sounds like the type of song I would hate... it kind of has a reggae vibe, it has a horn section, loads of dubby effects... but unlike some awful ska-tinged trainwreck, it mimmicks Babyshambles doing their best to reclaim this sound from the 'Less Than Jakes' of this world (I fucking hate that band and hope they fucking rot in hell btw). It is engaging, has interesting lyrics, has a nice pace, never really goes overboard, and is all around awesome. I played it on the show a couple weeks ago and Heather was like "Is this Babyshambles?" (and trust me, she knows about the Babyshambles... I have pictures of them all over my side of the room... I know... I'm a total 15 year old girl sometimes when it comes to music) and I told her no but this is the same sort of sound they've been going for as of late. I do not think Larrikin Love will be a one album wonder. I think they will be able to up the ante with more mature song writing and be awesome. Maybe LL and BS should tour together? In the U.S.? Yeah right!

Anyway... until my dreams come to life here's something to keep you tied over...

Larrikin Love- "Meet Me By The Getaway Car"

And here are some tracks from the stellar Mobius Band WHO, (btw), were nice enough to say they would play 'Electronic Piano' for me today even though it's not part of their set list. What a bucnh of cool guys. Seriously go get their EP 'City vs Country', their album 'The Loving Sounds Of Static', and their ubercool track off 'Idol Tryouts 2' @ eMusic!

Mobius Band- "A Hint Of Blood (demo)"

Mobius Band- "Starts With A Bang"

Mobius Band- "The Loving Sounds Of Static"

Check out Mobius Band @ eMusic!

UPDATE:When they played 'Electronic Piano' tonight I decided they are my favourite new band. Such nice guys. I made sure to buy all their merch they had lol!

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