Friday, October 20, 2006

Music Sounds Better With You

Mmmmm... yummy New Rave... I know, I know... I can't shut up about it... why you ask? Well it's not just that the structured infectious rhythms that are more exiting than they were in years past but it's... I dunno... fun to think about the kids being out there and doing the same thing that I did every weekend...

See (and I'm sure people will either a) dispute this or b) won't understand why I would do such a thing) but I didn't get down on the Ecstasy popping, amphetamine fueled, cocaine binge that most people get into when they go to raves back when I was into them. The principal reason for that is that I actually LIKED the music! By itself! Granted when Tyler and I were dancing to Thomas Bangalter DJing (from Daft Punk, who we had happened to meet on Michigan Ave in Chicago earlier that day) when we were 17, maybe we were a little drunk... BUT STILL the sweeping filters... the funk guitar lines... the dense Rhodes pianos? They were complete and utter magic. The night we saw him he started out with the opening notes of Stardust's "Music Sounds Better With You" (which he co-produced with Roule favourites Benjamin Diamond and Alan Braxe) and then went into another song, totally avoiding the former until the very end of the evening... where he then cut/pasted it into an extended mix where it took about 5 minutes for the beat to drop... and it finally did... I'd never been happier! And we grabbed hands and we jumped up and down and screamed and wondered why every other young person in the world wasn't there.

At the end of the evening we waltzed back into downtown Chicago... slightly hungover and very dehydrated from dancing... found a Duncan Donuts that opened at 5am... got some coffee and doughnuts... then walked down to Union Station and all five (I didn't mention the other three... Matthieu, Matt, and Nick were there as well) of us went and fell asleep ON THE FLOOR IN THE AMTRAK BOARDING LOUNGE! That would never happen in a million years now... (due to 'national security' a bunch of hungover teen agers would be thrown in a jail if they were lying on the floor in the station much less sleeping!) but anyway.. the whole thing was perfect.. and wild and spontanious.. and I got to meet one of my heroes... and those are some of my happiest memories....

Back then the kids didn't show up (well at least not for the music... they showed up for the drugs and that killed the scene), but now they are and they ARE there for the music! And hopefully they have great experiences like I did... Here is more new rave stuff piggy backing on the post from a couple days back... throw this on and get your motherfucking rave on...

The Futureheads- "Worry About It Later (Switch Remix)"

Franz Ferdinand- "The Fallen (Justice Remix)"

Hot Chip- "Boy From School (Errol Alkan Extended Mix)"

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