Thursday, October 26, 2006

Turn The Bass Up Real Slow (Oi! Oi!)

Today I was thinking what groovy thing do I have to offer that no one else had posted? Well, I just figured that out a couple hours ago as I was looking over my 'carry-on' cd collection. There was a free cd that came with MUSIK magazine a few years ago that Cassius had mixed that had all sorts of cool shit. Some Black Strobe, Goldfrapp, Metro Area, Audio Bullys... but most importantly the track of the day. Cassius feat Ghostface Killa (The Streets Remix).

On top of posting something you don't see every day I'm posting the song because I really love The Streets (I realize I say 'I love...' in every post, but would you rather have me posting shit I don't like?). 'Original Pirate Material' was basically the album that soundtracked my moving away from my family and living on my own in Chicago. Hell, I remember when 'Has It Come To This?' came out I hurriedly went down to Gramaphone Records up on Clark to pick up the import single (I used to be a big 2step junkie). I still play that record sometimes when I'm out djing but mainly I just keep it for my own turntable.

Ghostface, on the otherhand, is an artist I like (saw him this summer at Intonation Festival, which is the same place I briefly met Mike Skinner of The Streets as he was running off to get food post performance) but have never really gotten into... maybe I should go buy Fishscale!

Cassius feat Ghostface Killa- 'Thrilla (The Streets Remix)' on zShare

Cassius feat Ghostface Killa- 'Thrilla (The Streets Remix)' on YouSendIt

I might post some more Streets tomorrow just to keep up with the trend... I've got some good b-sides on my comp at work... Or I might go pick some stuff up at eMusic and post some shit from there... they have scheduled downtime till 8am so I'm going to have to wait but it's worth it... they have EVERYTHING FROM GHOSTLY INTERNATIONAL... which just makes me the happiest person ever... speaking of, is anyone else going to see Christopher Willits?

Hope you guys enjoy the track.... you know how I would know if you did? If you left me comments!

P.s. I had to take down the ad at the top of the page for now. It just seemed too tacky... I know I've been hammering away at the eMusic thing, but it's kind of tongue and cheek because I know until I have something you guys really want (or one of the bigger bloggers gives me props), I know you aren't reading this shit anyway!

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