Friday, October 27, 2006

Party like it's 2999!

So, I'm still on this sort of beat heavy tip right now. I just can't shake it! For a long time now being a radio dj has overshadowed my being a club dj. I just lost my interest in dance music for such a long time. I mean, Naked Music couldn't manage to take it to the 'next level' after 'Lost On Arrival' (and I was mostly buying their records for quite some time... although you notice everyone on that comp has since become Dj-household names), and I loved the stuff going on over at (Michigan favourites) Ersatz and Ghostly International but didn't have money or time to change my 'deep house' style... and I dunno... I really could have given a shit (for the most part) up until the recent (imaginary, because once again this didn't happen over night) new rave explosion and the resurfacing of good artists who I kind of forgot about or ignored since 2004! I mean I seriously forgot that Trentemoller existed! Had it not been for the fact that my girl started throwing 'Lost On Arrival' on the cd player once and a while I'm not sure 'new rave' would have caught my attention, but after I started dancing in her living room after work a couple weeks in a row I caught the fever again... and many months later that has lead us to this post!

First off (as a continuation of yesterdays post of the SMASH remix The Streets did for Ghostface Killa) is a song I didn't even know about for a long time.. it's The Streets soft, string filled meditation, on how Mike Skinner isn't what he sings about but is rather a mouthpiece for the streets themselves. I think that sentiment has since changed but it's a great song from the 'All Got Our Runnins" E.P.
The Streets- 'The Streets Score' (Zshare)

Second off is something that think isn't on any E.P. or anything... but this is The Streets live (I think) on Radio 1...
The Streets- 'Turn The Page (Live)'(YSI)

I don't think I've posted this before... this is the video Mike Skinner made for the Bloc Party 'remix' he did...

Here is the 'Tulips' remix off of the single of the same name by Bloc Party. I have seen this version referred to as the 'Club Version' as well. Pretty sweet remix... surely one of my fav Bloc Party remixes, of which there are TONS... so I will post more in the future in anticpation of their new album!
Bloc Party- Tulips (Minotaur Shock Remix)' (YSI)

Here is the video for the original version of 'Tulips':

I know BLK:MRKT posted this first to much acclaim and Pitchfork attention, but it's been a couple weeks so I think it's ok to repost it... I think it was first up on Diplo's Myspace so hopefully the record companys don't yell at me... why would they? this certainly isn't some super great quality file... it's merely a teaser... or a demo.. or something...
M.I.A.- 'XR2' (zShare)

Lastly, here's a Sov track that, as of right now, shows no signs of being put out here in the U.S. It was a remake of her song 'Nine 2 Five' that The Ordinary Boys decided they wanted to remake and she guested on the track. Pretty nifty... I have NO idea what this came out on NOR do I know what the original '9 to 5' came out no... notice that here in America artists never release non-album singles or e.p.'s... they just put there shit on soundtracks lol... anyway... the Lady Sov album comes out on Halloween so make sure you cop that! I know I'm going to!
Lady Sovereign vs The Ordinary Boys- 'Nine 2 Five' (zShare)

Here is the video Sov and the Boys:

So hopefully that will get your motors' running... you can check this out before you go to the club! Also, before you go out, check out my radioshow The Spirit Of Albion tonight on WIDR and stream it. It's going to (obviously) be beat heavy... be it hip-hop or rave music or post punky dance tracks.. it's going to be SWEET!

OH! As usual... can find Bloc Party, Lady Soverign, and others over @ eMusic! I didn't get around to scooping up anything new from there yet because the system was down the other day

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