Sunday, October 29, 2006

What a fantastic day(s)! (Inbetween Days, and some stuff from YouTube )

Ah... the start of another week. Hopefully a fantastic and enjoyable one. It's already started out pretty well! I don't know how it is in your part of the world but where I'm at it's sunny and about 70 degrees out... which is awesome because it basically went from summer to winter here in Michigan. I'm supposed to make the call to get my car fixed today and hopefully register for the Winter Music Conference coming up in March (which is going to be fucking rad... I haven't been in three years... four years in March rather). I better buy my plane ticket soon... anyone else going?

Monday is always a good time to bring something new into view... I was sent some mp3's this morning of a band called Inbetween Days (presumably named after a song by The Cure? Am I right on this one?). Their new release 'Right Here Waiting' is on Remake/Remodel, which just scored a hit with ‘Heaven Hides Nothing’ by Monster Bobby (who refered to as 'Svengali/guitar player with The Pipettes'). Their music tapped into something that I was really obsessing about over the weekend which is the sort of innocent pop music in the 90's which we don't really hear anymore, and if we do, it often isn't any good or it's actually a band that made that music in the past (read=Lemonheads). The closest thing we have had to this naive idealistic pop music is (ironically) The Pipettes, so it's no big surprise that this new relase from Remake/Remodel is following one from Mr. Pipette himself.

Here's some info from the Inbetween Days press release:

"‘Right Here Waiting’ / ‘Single Thing’ was recorded at Fortress Studios, and mixed by Ian Gore (Babyshambles, Larrikin Love, Brakes etc.) at Metropolis Studios

Inbetween Days formed in October 2005, and in a very short space of time have established themselves as one of the “must see” bands on the London gig circuit. Recent support slots include gigs with Get Cape Wear Cape Fly, The Boxer Rebellion and The Roger Sisters.

Their sound combines elements of skewed 90’s Americana/ grunge (The Lemonheads and Dinosaur Jr.), and the exuberance of Britpop (Ash and The Longpigs) to create a modern fresh rock n’ roll sound, custom-made to be blasted out of FM radio stations across the globe."

Me thinks these guys are going to be huge. With this release I'm sure they are going to make heads turn quickly as you can't even get past talking about them without mentioning 'Arcadia' faves Larrikin Love, The Pipettes, and (cough) Babyshambles. A little more than ten years back their song 'Right Here Waiting' would have fit perfectly onto the soundtrack for uber-cool-cult-series 'My So Called Life' and undoubtedly would be perfect today for 'The O.C.' and it's indie-laden soundtrack. They are bound to introduce the younger kids to a kind of music they weren't really old enough to listen to, and bring listeners in their mid-to-late twenties back to a time when they were in school before the world fell apart. I give them a big thumbs up and urge you to check them out. Per request of the record company, mp3's will only be up for a week (until 11/06), and I figure the best way to make sure they are only up for that long is to put them on YouSendIt! So keep that in mind when you download!

Inbetween Days- "Right Here Waiting"

Inbetween Days- "Single Thing"

Also check out this live video for Right Here Waiting!

UPDATE: Or you can get it right here!

I also wanted to mention their single is coming out in late November, and signed copies of said single are available to pre-order from!

Since I was mentioning music from the 90's... I was watching that VH1 'Alternative' show that I love so damn much and I saw some amazing videos from my teen years that I haven't seen in a while... on top of I watched the 'Definitely Maybe' DVD that my girl got me I felt inspired so much by it that I HAD to put these up for you folks. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST I wanted to give you a link to Sam Flanagan who did the fantastic 'Water Lilly' mash-up I posted the other day! Leave a comment telling him that was some fire! And tell him who sent ya!

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