Wednesday, October 18, 2006

What a surprise (Lady Sovereign)

Well fuck me... Lady Sovereign just went to number one on TRL. How fucking mental! It's fantastic! I am sooooooo fucking glad Heather and I got tix to see her @ the Metro (Nov 3) when we did. I knew that shit was gonna sell out! If you remember correctly here at 'Arcadia' we've been going ape shit over Sov for some time. So much so that the girlfriend and I went to see her at Intonation Festival this summer (with Bloc Party & The Streets)... I know I said I was going to post the pictures AGES ago so I though this was a good chance to finally get the Sov one up...

The thing I really love about Sov her distinct British-ness, which surprisingly translates well here in America since her smart-ass lyrics are universally funny. Her video that reached number one (fro 'Love Me Or Hate Me') is down right piss your pants funny. The part where she turns into a large unshaven ball of armpit hair? Genius... I could maybe do with a little less product placement (Verizon phone) but that has also probably helped get tune into peoples heads so that that they WOULD vote for her on TRL! (Check out the article Pitchfork posted earlier about this monumental achievement.)

I figure we can go ahead a post a Sov track in honour of her making the 'big time' her in a America. I'm going to post the track that Chocolate Industires and Adult Swim had on their 'Chocolate Swim' EP which is Spank Rock's 'Hoodie' remix. The radiostation I work at threw a festival/fundraiser for the station a couple weeks ago and we had Spank Rock play the supporting slot of RJD2. They were the MOST phenominal show I've seen since... well... Lady Sov this summer lol... seriously though... go out and cop 'YoYoYoYoYo' right now. Although I can't help but assume if you are reading mp3 blogs you already own it lol.

Lady Sovereign- "Hoodie (Spank Rock Remix)"


Pitchfork posted this track today courtesy of Def Jam so I thought I'd throw it up. Same as always recently I'm going to throw it up as a YouSendIt file so it's not going to be up for very long! Get it while you can! (Speaking of... what does everyone think of ZShare? I saw BLK:MRKT is using it so perhaps I'll start up with that.)

Lady Sovereign feat Missy Elliot- "Love Me Or Hate Me (Remix)"

I was going to post another song from a band that I got an electronic press kit for.. but then I realized they were American. So, having said that:

HEY MUSIC LABELS THAT ARE TRYING TO CONTACT ME! I love your stuff and I appreciate the interest in the blog! It is a British music ONLY blog however! So when you send stuff please keep that in mind... it can be techno, hip-hop, rock whatever... as long as it is British... or has British people in the band at LEAST lol...

Buy music from Lady Sovereign! You can 'pre-order' her new album (which comes out on Halloween) from that link!

Or, you can check out her epic E.P. 'Vertically Challenged' here on eMusic! And while you're at if you can get 25 free MP3's in their two week trail that costs you nothing and that you can cancel at any time. I went ahead and did it the other day and that is why I've got them linked up now. Because getting free music is sick... and even when it's not free it's cheaper than iTunes!

Buy music from Spank Rock at eMusic as well! They have like three different versions of their album, plus a single, and some songs off a comp! AND YOU COULD BE GETTING THEM FOR FREE (just in case you didn't read what I just wrote lol!

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