Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I'm back (for the 2nd time) and I've got the FEVER!

How awful of me... I haven't posted anything in AGES... I know this has happened before but there are actually decent reasons this time... life has been crazy though recently. My grandfather who raised me died, I started school again, my closest friends completely stopped talking to me for no known reason, I've taken on the responsibility of being assistant musical director at the radio station I work at, and loads of other things... shit has just been very busy, depressing, and irritating. I also had my '.Mac' account shut off because I didn't pay for it (oops!) and now I have to find a new way to get my pictures and music up! I've just been about ready to top myself from the stress... so of course you know that means... DANCE PARTY MOTHERFUCKERS!!!

I've been spending a lot of time getting back into dance music BECAUSE of the lovely dance-rock-hybrid-monster that is New Rave. Now, I mean, come on... it's not like I forgot about dance music BUT it's just so fucking tempermental that it's hard to follow. The tide changes CONSTANTLY inter-genre and what is interesting or even enjoyable changes from one release to the next. Today's totally awesome new record/new band can easily be a total laughing stock if it gets into the wrong people's hands (read= electroclash) or frankly stuff moves so quickly an artist can make their whole catalogue sound crappy after one mind-altering (or worthless) record! So having said that, somehow 'New Rave' (as it has been dubbed by NME) had not yet grown stale, become uninteresting, or anything of the sort... in fact at this point the genre seems to be learning from it's own (or their predecessors) mistakes. More and more bands are showing up and one can't help but get the feeling most of them aren't brand new band wagon hoppers but rather groups who never got off the ground because of the death-knell of whatever former genre they belonged to.

One band that has really grabbed me in particular has (obviously) been the Klaxons. Obviously if you have been paying any attention AT ALL it's obvious that they are this genre's Nirvana (i.e. they didn't come first, and they may not be the absolute best but they are first on the scene) and their unbridled enthusiasm is extremely refreshing. In a musical landscape where most music is about a) guns & cocaine, b) cutting yourself and how you parents suck, and c) stupid rehashed love songs it refreshing as FUCK to hear songs with names like "Atlantis To Interzone". They make me want to fucking go mental when I hear their songs and even though I am a whole ocean away from the action it brings back the feelings I had when I was a 16 year old kid listening to Jeff Mills play in a field somewhere.

Another band that has totally gotten me way psyched (and this is a total cheat) is Van She (and Van She Technologic)... the reason it's a cheat is this is a Brit-Music blog and, well, they are Austrailian. I guess you could say 'Well Austrailia is England's prison island!" and then we can try to get away with it lol! The Van She single 'Kelly' is awesome, but sticking with the New Rave fever it's Van She Technologic's remixes of The Presets, Daft Punk, New Young Pony Club, and the Klaxons that are making me excited.

For the sake of trying to stay consistant with the blogs central theme I will post BOTH The Presets (Aussie) and Klaxons (Brit) and their respective Van She Remixes. I know I already posted that Van She/Klaxons remix a few months back but this is totally worth mentioning again because they are that fucking rad!

Klaxons- 'Gravity's Rainbow (Demo)'

Klaxons- 'Gravity's Rainbow (Van She Remix)'

The Presets- 'Are You The One?'

The Presets- 'Are You The One? (Van She Remix)

You can hear more Klaxon Demos Here on their Myspace but they are no longer up for download (thank god I already saved em)... also here is the Pitchfork Review of the Klaxons EP. Then after you do that check out Van She Tech and the The Presets... and then once you've done that...

Buy stuff by Klaxons!

Buy stuff by The Presets!

Buy Stuff by Van She!

ALSO... did anyone else pick up that NME a couple weeks ago? The one with the Klaxons on the front? That fucking thing was DOPE AS SHIT.. at least the cd that came with it that Simian Mobile Disco mixed. I might put some of that shit up here if you guys demand it!

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