Wednesday, October 18, 2006

This One's Optimistic!

Ok... so if you read this blog with any sort of regularity you know that I LOVE Babyshambles. I don't think I'd be doing most of the shit I'm doing (blog/radioshow/getting back to writing songs/djing) if it weren't for the inspirtational music that Pete Doherty writes. I mean seriously there has not been a talent (and a personality) that has been so large since, well, Kurt Cobain. Of course, even suburban mom's who read 'People' Magazine know that Pete has had a serious problem with heroin not unlike Mr. Cobain but hopefully we are looking at that being a thing of the past. This associated press article basically said Pete has slipped up, but the NME one points out that the only dissatisfaction with Pete was about his not attending court ordered appointments as expected. Cross your fingers, hope he gets better, and then tours America... he can stay at my place if he does lol...

"Here is a repost from the NME:
Pete Doherty's rehab progress reviewed in court
Singer is moving house to help kick drugs

Pete Doherty appeared at the Thames Magistrates Court in London today (October 18) for a review of his drug treatment.

The Babyshambles frontman has to attend court periodically after pleading guilty to drugs charges in August.

Doherty's defence counsel Bruce Clark said he believed the singer was getting clean, saying that he had even moved house to help with his rehabilitation.

"On the whole, progress is being made," said Clark. "He's given up a lifestyle he's been living in the East End, which is not the best place for him to be. There are alternatives for him, though. He is now living at an address outside of London."

However the district judge, Jane McIvor, was not completly statisfied with Doherty's progress, explaining that: "Weekly appointments under the order had not been as successful as expected".

The singer however insisted he is taking his rehab seriously, telling the court, "I've been going to NA (Narcotic Anonymous) meetings and seeing a counsellor separate from The Priory."

Doherty will return to Thames Magistrates Court in January when his progress will be reviewed again, BBC NEWS reports."

So there you have it! Parlophone has an signed Babyshambles for their new E.P. which should be absolutely AWESOME. As a little teaser I thought I'd put up some newer stuff that may/may not be on the new E.P.! Hopefully you guys dig this stuff... make sure to leave comments so I know what you think!

Babyshambles- "Stone Me What A Life"

Babyshambles- "Fixing Up To Go"

BTW: Just in case you hadn't noticed... there had not been a counter on the site up until yesterday. In less than 24 hours I've gotten 186 hits... which I think is... awesome... so big thanks to everyone who's reading the blog. I couldn't be happier about it... that is unless y'all could POST SOME COMMENTS... that would be kind of cool lol...

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