Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Best days of my life...

The last 48 hours or so have been two of the best days in my life. I got my new lappie that I DESPERATELY needed (the lowest grade MacBook which I will trick out once I get that record contract). I got to sleep in this morning and then go over to Sam's house to work on music. Sam came up with a brilliant name for our electronic work (we will now be known as State Crime) today. I got a call earlier this evening from the guy at Soccerzone and I offically got the job. I got to go out to lunch today with Heather and not freak out about going to work (and potientially lose my job for no reason, which is how it's been since I got there) which was a seriously a relief. Everything has been totally ace.

I'm also really happy with being able to come back here and get the music back out to all you folks. On top of just regular posting I have to say the one thing that I've really dug since I've gotten back into writing this blog is the people who contact me about posting stuff. Big and small I love them all! From major labels to tiny little indie bands I love posting stuff. So now I am going to take the time to get around to somethings I've been too busy to attend to.

First off is Saturna... they contacted me a minute back but I was way to busy to fuck with it then. So I will bring them to you now. Their song kind of defies explanation... best I can come up with is that their single "Pop Rocks" is an amalgamation of Oasis with bits of the Stone Roses thrown in for good measure PLUS a bit of that "90's sound" that has been so sorely missed by me recently. Funny part is they aren't British at all; they live in Portland (I know it's against format but it at least KIND of is still within it)! My favourite part of their song is from 2:30 to the end where it gets all psyched out and then goes back to rocking. They undoubtedly have a bright future ahead of them (and when they blow up you can say "oh yeah, I heard that shit on Albion"). I also wanted to note, their sound is amazing. I don't know if it's paying for a good studio, or maybe they just know how to rock the software studio real well but they sound great...
Saturna- "Pop Rocks"

Then we've got ist. This is the kind of band that makes me smile. They released a straight forward punk rock song called "I'm Jesus (And You're Not)" AS A CHRISTMAS SINGLE!!! How insane would it have been to have that as the Christmas number one? Fucking bonkers. But if you only have 60 seconds to listen to a song today I would suggest this one. It's got a surf rock low-end, punk guitars, and... well that's about it I mean how much can you fit in on minute! It does contain the fastest sing-talking I've heard since "End Of The World As We Know It"! Check it out... if you don't end of getting it here it's being re-released on VALENTINES DAY!
ist- "I'm Jesus (And You're Not)"

Look out for other indie hopefuls Cuckoo Canoe on the site here in the future... at this point that one is probably "in the mail"...

Hey! Before I lose your attention... While you're here why not check out this interview with Amy Winehouse.. right? Why not! Tres random over here at Arcadia...
AOL Interface w/ Amy Winehouse

Or maybe these Lily Allen sessions?
Lily Allen AOL Music Sessions

Or maybe the new Clinic?
Clinic, ‘Visitations’

Ok I wish I could post more but I HAVE to go to class.. I'll see you cats later...

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