Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Well I've got good news, and I've got bad news...

Let's start with the the good news, shall we? The good news is that whilst talking to my father yesterday he agreed that I needed help getting a new laptop as BOTH my computers are held together by shoestrings (as some of you may remember my other laptop's screen went out and the replacement screen was going to be the cost of the computer, and my Mac is running 128mb of RAM and a 30 gig hard drive).

Ready for the bad news?

They pulled the internet at work. Which is where I did most of my posts (usually on my break I might add). So this REALLY sucks. The only reason I really kept this job was because I could do stuff like work on the internet or download stuff for my show. Now, apparently, they feel they can't trust me (which is such a load of garbage). It all stems from the fact that my last boss painted me as a heathen so that she could explain why work wasn't getting done in her department.

So, long story short... I will soon be doing posts (and working on my album) from bed! So things WILL go back to normal here at Arcadia... just as soon as that new comp gets here!

Anybody got suggestions for a new job? Because I have to think they are trying to force me out without firing me.

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