Monday, January 15, 2007

First news was "there's Americans on the shore! Maybe, now we're all going to war!"

Here's the 2nd half of the Babyshambles post I promised you... apparantly you guys DUG the last one because my traffic was way awesome... I think it was close to 600 or something for Thursday (which is crazy because my weekend numbers are usually SO much better)... and the numbers we also way high for the random post from WIDR studios! Hope y'all enjoyed that as well...

So back to Babyshambles... What do I think of the new songs? WELL LET ME TELL YOU! I think they are fucking faboo. FABOO! Obviously the older ones (last post) have gotten little tweaking and still work as well as they used to, but these new ones are just as good....... they seem full of an energy that seemed to pop up when Pete wrote 'Sedative'... or at least they all piggyback on that vibe (I mean that in a good way)...

BTW... I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH THAT ALL OF THESE SONGS CAME FROM ALBION ARKS which is the first and foremost place to pick up rare and unreleased Babyshambles material. I just am jacking them and throwing them up here... so if all the downloads are out and you still want these tracks then you should probably head over there! (They were originally posted on href="">French Dog Blues which is the official homebase for Babyshambles fanatics!)

Babyshambles- "Crumb Begging Baghead"

Babyshambles- "Unstookietitled"

Babyshambles- "Carry On Up The Morning"

Babyshambles- "Cuckoo 1440"

Babyshambles- "Delivery"

Here is a song titled "18d" which ended up being 'Delivery' from the sounds of it... or maybe it's the other way around... I can't tell!

I would really like you know what you all think of this stuff... it's been pretty comment lite here for a while... if you guys want 'Shambles tracks before anyone else gets them you gotta comment or Parlophone won't give em to me lol (only half serious)...

Well, I've gotta get back to work... I'm really tired today... writing this album is kicking my ass... hold tight until next time!

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