Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The word on The Streets...

SO I'm really surprised to see there is a (possibly) new track by The Streets on the Internet? I mean it's a little confusing... because there are a few tracks here and none of them are STRAIGHT Mike Skinner tracks... they are with his singer Leo The Lion and himself... and sometimes with grime MC Kano.

There is a groovy live version of Leo singing the hook to Gorillaz "Feel Good Inc" on Radio 1 with Kano, and then there is a track called "She's Got It All Wrong" that has Leo singing and Mike (and someone else) rapping (this is the one I would imagine is a Streets track), and then there is a song (that is a Kano release) called "Nite Nite" that has Mike Skinner, and Leo from 2005. They are all really cool (especially if you are a big fan of The Streets like I am).

All of these are (or perhaps 'were' by the time you get to them, as these things tend to go) for download over at Leo The Lions Myspace. OR if you rather RIGHT HERE ON ARCADIA! If anyone knows the origins of "She's Got It All Wrong" let me know so I can properly label it.

Kano- "Nite Nite (feat The Streets)"

The Streets- "She's Got It All Wrong"

Leo (from The Streets)& Kano- "Feel Good Inc (Live @ Radio 1)"

Leo (for those of you who don't know) has sung on many of The Streets tracks ("All Goes Out The Window" for example) and sings on ALL of them while on tour. Generally speaking at some point during his performances he also exposes his near perfect physique by taking off his shirt... which probably makes sense in England (where Grime/2step/etc is just like hip-hop here) but did't make so much sense in America when he did it to a crowd full of scrawny indie kids *cough Intonation Festival 2006*.. to each their own I suppose.

Anyway.. go add Leo on Myspace... check out Vice Records for more info on The Streets and make sure you keep checking back for more music here at Arcadia!

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