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Here at Arcadia, we LOVE Parlophone records. Solid release after solid release after solid release. Between them, and their offshoot Regal, we've been able to bring you stuff from Babyshambles, Tiny Dancers, and The Good The Bad & The Queen far before their release date. It's good for you guys because you get in on the new stuff early, it's good for me because it keeps you guys coming back lol!

Given the fact that they are so nice to us I suggest you guys actually pick up these albums... the Babyshambles EP was so amazing I would be surprised if you guys HADN'T gotten it, Tiny Dancers have gotten a lot of hype since we posted em (Radar in NME, and a session with Steve Lamacq), and OBVIOUSLY this TGTB&TQ album is going to be bonkers awesome. So please, support the labels who are playing ball with us here and prove to the majors and bigger indies that file sharing, blogs, and the like are PART of the future of music and not just a hindrance that should be done away with!

So if you've been paying attention, I'm sure you picked up the last track we posted from Damon Albarn (member of Blur and Gorillaz) and Paul Siminon's (formerly of The Clash) new project The Good The Bad & The Queen called "History Song". It was the amazing first track off their forthcoming album that hints at the same magic that we've seen in other Albarn efforts of the recent past. NOW WE'VE GOT THE 2nd SONG! And it's just as cool as the last one! Make sure you leave comments because I really want to know what you guys think of it.

Here's an AWESOME little video that can give you a better overview of the project and the music... just in case you didn't see the bio excerpt I posted last time...

And without further ado...

The Good The Bad And The Queen- "80's Life" YSI

The Good The Bad And The Queen- "80's Life" zShare

Here's a live video for "80's Life"...

As I mentioned last time, you can preorder the album from 7 Digital, and if you do before 15 January, you can listen to 5 tracks off the album before it is released on 22 January! You can also pick it up at Amazon US or Amazon UK. Make sure you also pop by their website and their Myspace. Please pick up the album and show your support! This song will be up for a week and then I gotta take it down so get it while the gettings good!

ON A QUICK POLITICAL NOTE: Since I mentioned something earlier about people wanting to do away with things on the internet... I don't know if you are aware but the Internet is AT RISK of being taken over by the super huge companies out there and turned into a mindless commercial wasteland. Can you imagine in Internet where AT&T had control over all the content on it? I assure you there would be no more pictures of young ladies birthing plastic dolls out of their hoo-hoos' (and other pervy things like that) but you undoubtedly would end up with lots of political things getting censored as well. It is not worth it to give up our privacy and our control for better internet browsers on our phones and cheaper cable modems. Please sign a petition, send a letter to your representatives, and keep an eye on this or we may end up with merely a 'ghost' of what the internet once was. PROTECT NET NEUTRALITY!!!

Here's what Moby has to say about it... whatever your feelings are about him it's a very informative video! When you're done with that head over to Save The Internet to make a difference!

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