Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Albion Podcast, Crystal Castles remix, and a mix from Dance Club...

First off... I felt the need to share 'The Spirit Of Albion' podcast with the world. I already mentioned it a couple times but if you were leery about subscribing it here's a Rapidshare link to the last show :)


Go to this That is the public access page for WMU Podcasts. Then go down to WIDR. Once you've clicked on that scroll down and on the left you'll see the Albion logo... and then you can download individually, or ideally subscribe to the podcast!

Next up is one from my boy Micprobes. This cat sent me a wild remix of "Crimewave" by Crystal Castles that I just had to post.
Crystal Castles- "Crimewave (Kilowatt Remix)" YSI

Crystal Castles- "Crimewave (Kilowatt Remix)" Rapidshare

In order to hook this back to something British, because I don't want you to think I'm losing focus of what this blog is all about, I'm going to post (of course) a Bloc Party remix...

Bloc Party- "Hunting For Witches (Crystal Castles Remix)" YSI

I can't give you more downloads on that... YSI will have to do!

Lastky, here's something I overlooked... frankly, it's really hard for me to get to everything I'm interested in, and me posting this mix fell by the wayside. But now that I'm posting about once a day I figured I'd go back and get it. I like Dance Club quite a bit, and while I will admit I haven't listened to this yet, I'm sure it's great because they have impeccable taste! Plus it's Free Nintey Nine so I don't think it's worth passing up all that good material, yeah?

Welcome To Dance Club Mix- June 2008 Mix

1. Sawtooth Sucka - No Ordinary Girl
2. Fake Blood - Mars
3. Santiago and Bushido - For What (The Bulgarian Remix)
4. P Diddy - Bad Boy For Life (La Mode's Bad Motherfuckers' Fuck Up)
5. Geoff K - Vodka and Sugarfree Redbull
6. Michael Jackson - Bad (Mowgli is Bad Remix)
7. Daniel Dexter - Bounce is Back (Malente Remix)
8. Nic Sarno - Jam Boot
9. Dr. Dre - Still D.R.E. (Tenzin Remix)
10. Crookers - Sveglia
11. Twocker - Chopper
12. CSS - Music is My Hot, Hot Sex (Switch Remix ft. Mapei)
13. Hijack - Possessed
14. SebastiAn - Dog
15. Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince - Boom Shake The Room (Matt Cox Remix)
16. Riva Starr - I Know You Want My Thang
17. Kelis - Milkshake (Man Eat DJ & Jizm Remix)

Download Here

Between the podcast, those two songs, and this mix, you've got a lot to listen to... I'll be back asap...

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I would love to get my hands on crystal castles bloc party remix. Do you think you can upload it once again?