Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ninja Tune and Big Dada bring the noise from Dalston to '1999'!

Every once and a while there is a British institution whose work stands out SO much that they deserve almost total devotion based on quality... (for example Fabric London)...

Another example of that is Ninja Tune & Big Dada which is undoubtedly one of the most important labels with regard to British hip-hop. Granted... it hasn't always been just hip-hop... sometimes dubstep, electronica, instrumentals, rock, whatever... but it really has mostly been grade 'A' quality. I mean, look at some of the Ninja Tune releases this year!

Ninja Tuna- Mr. Scruff 10/08

London Zoo- The Bug 06/08

Love To Make Music To- Daedelus 06/08

'Enter The Newground' Live DVD- DJ Kentaro 05/08

Live At The Royal Albert Hall- The Cinematic Orchestra 03/08

Ninja Cuts - 1000 Mask Mix- DJ Food 03/08

You Don't Know - Ninja Cuts- Various Artists 02/08

No Ground Under- Ghislain Poirier 02/08

Heavyweight Gringos- Zero dB 02/08

Did you notice that all is fucking fire? that Ninja Cuts comp was off the fucking hook... I'm excited as shit about that Mr Scruff (been a fan since he played a record store in Bristol back in 1999)... I mean just since the beginning of the year they've been killing it!

And lets not forget Big Dada! You heard that Cadence Weapon "House Music"? I was just listening to it on the new FreQ Nasty Fabriclive and it's on there and WHOOOOO WEEEEEEE. And there's that new Roots Manuva that's just garnering more and more and more critical acclaim... in fact as I type this I wonder why I haven't written about it... hmmm... anyway...

Here's a brief bio for Ninja Tune (and Big Dada)...

Ninja Tune is a London-based independent record label started in 1991 by DJs Matt Black and Jonathan More, better known as Coldcut, with a strong leaning towards electronic, abstract hip hop, instrumental hip hop, nu jazz, drum and bass, and chillout music. The label has developed a number of DJs, producers, and live acts. Ninja Tune's sister imprints, NTone (now defunct) and Big Dada, specialise in experimental electronic music and hip-hop, respectively. The label has a satellite office in Montreal, Quebec, owned and managed by Jeff Waye. In 2006, a new imprint, Counter Records, was set up to release the debut album of Pop Levi (of Super Numeri), with artists to follow in a rock music vein. The first release on the imprint was Pop Levi's single "Blue Honey" in September 2006, which was followed by Pop Levi's first LP The Return To Form Black Magick Party in February 2007. Artists · 9 Lazy 9 · Airborn Audio.

I got some tracks here that have come from Big Dada and they are balleriffic. I'm so excited to be posting one that's awesome gritty hip-hop... and another that's... well... you'll have to hear it yourself :)

This is from a Dalston based producer and two Texan MCs. It's really really really good... this remix version is hot as fuck and makes me wonder what the original is like...
XRABIT + DMG$- Killin Em (Xrabit Remix) YSI

XRABIT + DMG$- Killin Em (Dmg Xrabit Remix) zShare

And this is some whole 'nother shit. I don't even know what to call it. But I highly recommend it. Bust this out at your New Years Eve party lol...
Infinite Livez v. Stade - "1999" YSI

Infinite Livez v. Stade - "1999" zShare

I just wanted to add... some of you may remember me making a buffoon of myself with Klaxons at P4K festival last year... and during that exchange they were asking about Cadence Weapon. I told them they had to hear "Sharks" and that he was brilliant. An hour and a half later he's rapping onstage during "Magick" during the wall of guitar noise spitting at a hundred words a minute and I was in total awe. Shortly thereafter trying to find a record of said event, I instead found my blog linked to the Big Dada Blog...

Speaking of Cadence Weapon here's a bassline remix from Palms Out Sounds!

Anyway, I'm glad to bring these gems to you guys and hopefully there's more where this came from. Keep it locked!

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