Monday, September 15, 2008

Teef Remix by Frankmusik

Man I love doing this blogging shit. It's like, if my normal life is eating cow balls, my internet life is off the hook.

I did an annoying mass mailing yesterday to so called 'industry people' to push the podcast around. And as much as we all hate those emails a lot of people chimed in with their support.

One such person is the great Mr. Vincent Frank (aka Frankmusik) with a little treat that should knock your socks off...

A rapper from South London called Teef got a nice remixing from Frankmusik... he's pretty ill... and I really like this drawings so you should check out at his Myspace.

As far as the remix goes? This is one of the the most maximal remixes Frankmusik has done... it has a very French feel to it... like if the last Daft Punk album had a rapper and some melodies on it lol...


OFFTOPIC: I had to explain to the wife why this hideous rave flier with Thomas Bangalter's autograph on it had to stay up in our bedroom as it is my favourite possession. If I haven't told the story before I'll tell it now and keep it short... When I was 17 we were in Chicago, it was around Christmas time and the streets were filled with thousands of people. We had come to Chicago to see Thomas Bangalter spin at a Dust Traxx party, but given the plastic masks Daft Punk were using at the time, we didn't even know what he looked like... and suddenly, amongst crowds of thousands, I see this dude with a Cassius t-shirt on that looked to be French and ran after him. If I didn't speak French this would have been a disaster but, long story short, it ended up in my all time favourite artist meeting. Because come on... how many people have met Daft Punk? Bangalter gave me the flyer for the show and, along with his autograph, it's hanging in my room... hideous as ever. I know I've told this story before now that I've typed it but I don't care. That shit was awesome!

Anyway, I'd write more about Teef... but I don't know anymore! So check out his site and bring yourself up to speed because his flow is pretty sick... I'm sure this isn't the last you've heard of him on this site ;)

Teef- "Take Em Out (FrankMusik Remix)" YSI

Teef- "Take Em Out (FrankMusik Remix)" Rapidshare

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