Saturday, September 13, 2008


Holy McFuckenstein! Apparently we've gained some notoriety in the podcasting world with the radio show... which is awesome (I know the record companies just got very excited lol)! We were so stoked both Charles and I posted the same thing on the actual Albion site. I know a lot of fans have been interested in the past in hearing the show but also a lot of artists have wanted to hear the show as well. Well now The Spirit Of Albion is poised to be a global thing. Think globally, act locally indeed :)

I would really appreciate if every one of you subscribed to the show. I really sincerely mean that. A lot.

It's a lot like the blog, you know, except the fact that you're getting a bunch of pre-release, special remix, rare live recording, demo version type stuff in a two hour block. Last nights show (which won't be up til next week) had My Bloody Valentine, British Sea Power, Bloc Party, Wiley, Unkle, Psychedelic Furs, The Cure, Radiohead, and got knows what else in a very short period. The show will move from Madchester, to Dubstep, to '90's Bristol tracks, to Post-Punk, to New Rave, to Grime, to well Oasis. The show always has LOADS of stuff that isn't out or is hard to find... high fidelity vinyl (as opposed to 128kbps bullshit internet rips)... WAV tracks from the record companies... and whatever people request from our massive personal/digital/vinyl/cd libraries. Basically what I'm saying is that it's more varied than a DJ mix and... I dunno... just please subscribe to it lol! And tell your friends too hahaha!

The Spirit Of Albion loves you and we hope you love it. It's on from 7pm-9pm Friday night (that's -5 GMT) and you can call and request your favourite British songs at (269) 387-6303. I'm sure I don't need to remind you but we're only at that number for two hours... otherwise you're just calling the on air DJ. I should also mention that last I checked our webstream was not working but was getting fixed... we'll get that sorted out :)

When the show is on air you can check out the playlist LIVE at this link. It only holds about 24 hours worth of sets but if you missed the show and want to know what we played you Brits can check it when you wake up and make sure your record got played lol.

WIDR is also throwing a festival called "Barking Tuna Festival". Day 1 is Friday October 17th @ Papa Petes Featuring.... SOMEONE! We don't know. Keep it tuned to find out.

BARKING TUNA FESTIVAL Day 2 is Saturday October 18th @ Kalamazoo State Theatre Featuring: 1st place of Fight for the Tuna, School of Seven Bells, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Mates of State. There's a ticket that has something for everyone really... I'm not big on the Mates of State front but... I'm all about seeing Black Moth Super Rainbow. I really liked the last record... need to listen to the new one.

Ok here's a couple tracks to bribe you into subscribing lol...

Skream- "Acid People" YSI

Skream- "Acid People" Rapidshare

Radiohead- "Unravel (Bjork Cover)" YSI

Radiohead- "Unravel (Bjork Cover)" Rapidshare

Also here's some live Frankmusik...

And the new Chemical Brothers video featuring crazy shit from Google Earth...

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