Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Break from Format: Big Gipp (Treasure Fingers Remix)

This is so dope. These dudes at Scion A/V keep pumping out dancefloor gems. And yeah this isn't British... but it's fucking really good... so... today I don't care. Remember this is the exception not the rule! But seriously it's really dope lol... and in sparkling clear 320 kbps for your aspiring DJ self...

Big Gipp- Hot "(Treasure Fingers Remix)" YSI

Big Gipp- Hot "(Treasure Fingers Remix)" zShare

In case you somehow didn't know... Big Gipp born Cameron Gipp (born on April 28, 1973 in Atlanta, Georgia), is an American rapper from the South. He is best known as a member of Goodie Mob, and has also released one solo album and been part of several collaborations, most recently with Ali as Ali & Gipp.

You guys all remember this joint yeah?

Ok, next time I'll go back to format... c'mon, you guys have to admit, I rarely do this!

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