Thursday, September 04, 2008

Still buying time... almost done transcribing... here's something 'SPOOKY'!

So the wife and I aren't huge fans of the television. By television I mean "cable". Not quite my thing. See, since we both are involved in the arts and music, and she's in school and I'm in a grueling line of work... sitting around and getting my brain raped by VH1 reality shows doesn't sound like much fun. That was my life 4 years ago when I was total scum. I'd rather not relive that.

HOWEVER... that doesn't mean I don't want to relive 14 years ago (Jesus I'm old) sitting on the phone with my wife (who then was my 8th grade girlfriend) and watching Kryceck's eyes turn black on the X-Files. Or the total geeky non-porn-porn moments of Mulder and Scully talking to each other so closely that they can tell if the other person has cavities or not. That is the sexiest non-sex I've ever seen... (which means that I Want To Believe made me shit myself... I mean why do you think we went out and bought seasons 1-4 lol)...

Anyway, in honor of my most recent obsession that isn't Bloc Party (who I'm going to see tomorrow!) I thought I'd post up a couple X-Files related songs.

Now, I know I make a lot of jokes about the Welsh over at 'Albion' but I don't really mean it. Some of my best friends are Welsh (rimshot). Anyway, this was a fun one from a while ago... Catatonia's lead singer went on to do her own thing and is still being successful from what I can remember...

Catatonia- "Mulder and Scully" Rapidshare

Oddly enough Noel Gallagher did a song for the first X-Files movie called "Teotihuacan"... which then became an Ian Brown song... apparently "Teotihuacan" is a Mexican site which, like all difficult to imagine structures from this planets history, very well may have been built (or at least assisted in building by) aliens. I mean come on. Take a look at the damn thing. Or the pyramids. Shit Stonehenge doesn't make any sense... how do the pyramids? Or Teotihuacan? Yeesh!

Noel Gallagher- "Teotihuacan" YSI

Noel Gallagher- "Teotihuacan" zShare

Ian Brown (feat Noel Gallagher)- "Keep What Ya Got" YSI

Then this was from the soundtrack for the movie...

The Cure- "More Than This"

The Cure- "More Than This" YSI

Ok that's it for now... I promise Saturday I'll have the interview finished and I'll have Bloc Party pics/vid something... see ya then!

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