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Arcadian Family Portrait: South Central

As mentioned a few times before Arcadia has a group of individuals that comprise a 'family' of sorts. Now some of these people I know well, (or as well as you can know people you've never actually met) and others just have close ties as their people/PR/managers help me out when the time comes for new material to be released... and even the ones I don't they usually are kind enough to do interviews and stuff like that.

SOUTH CENTRAL, however, fit into the first group of people...

I can't even remember how we started talking but I was immediately drawn to their music. I only post stuff I like but they really struck me as being destined for greatness. I've felt like a proud brother or something watching their releases get progressively more and more attention... I was on a certain music retailer the other day and was downloading the Shy Child remixes of "Summer" and was like "FUCK YEAH! There's my guys!" when I noticed the South Central remix (which is the shit by the way).

Due to my enthusiasm, I'm always asking them, "So when are we going to see something new huh?"...

Well the time has come! And I'm very proud to say that you're only going to get this puppy here for the time being! AN ALBION EXCLUSIVE! NEW SOUTH CENTRAL! Ergot (Il Dente del Lupo) is yours to download!

South Central- "Ergot (Il Dente del Lupo)" YSI

South Central- "Ergot (Il Dente del Lupo)" Rapidshare

Distribution will be through KGD Media in the US. The "Crystaling EP" is coming out on ltd 300 12" and digi download in October and features the tracks:

Higher State
Ergot (exclusive to this release)
Higher State 'Live Edit' (exclusive to this release)
Higher State Hyper Mix (exclusive to this remix)

Here's the press info for the album as well... go cop this... these guys are awesome and have provided TONS of free tracks on this site so please support their new endeavor! I suggest those of you who like Crystal Castles' "Vanished" go check out the South Central remix of Van She's "Sex City"... you're missing out if you don't have that one!

'The Owl of Minerva'

The shadowy dance rockers South Central commit their first five single releases to CD, previously available only on vinyl this release comprises of tracks culled from the band’s output on five uber cool labels over the last 2 years.

If the shadowy dance rockers South Central aren’t fully on your radar yet, they will be very soon. The chances are that you’ve already heard the unrelenting power of their music, whether it be on Pete Tong’s Radio 1 show, the latest Bacardi commercial or in one of Justice or Erol Alkan’s DJ sets, the sound of South Central is uniquely potent.

Shrouded in mystery (and indeed their trademark black hoods) the enigma that is South Central manifests itself as both a 2-man DJ/Production duo and as a 5-piece live band; the former spectacularly dissolves the boundaries of what DJing and live music are. The latter is the cowled synthesis of guitars and technology that combines the spirit and song of indie rock with the pounding electronics of big-room techno. No surprise then that both the indie kids and the danceheads have signed up for more.

Cast your mind back to Autumn ’06 and you’ll be reminded of the day-glow, neon light that was shining over music labels, night clubs and the radio. The words ‘New’ and ‘Rave’ were being banded about and strung together at every opportunity and the general public started to show real interest in dance music again, with The Klaxons topping the charts and grabbing the headlines. This is also the time when South Central were lifted out of obscurity amidst a combination of adulation and controversy for their now infamous bootleg of said band’s cover of ‘The Bouncer’ (declared Bootleg of the Year by Eddy Temple-Morris in his end of year round up) and their remixes of the Maccabees and Metronomy which were championed by John Kennedy on XFM and Pete Tong on Radio 1 amongst others.

Assured and competent as remixers, in December ’06 they released their own debut single to the outside world via the plucky Leeds based indie ‘Art Goes Pop’, called ‘Nothing Can Go Wrong’, it was later described by the band as an ironic ode to the condition of blind optimism and (often) misplaced faith felt by new bands when they first get together. However for SC the lyrics seemed to become a self fulfilling prophecy, as Fall fans looked on critics debated whether this was a new wave of Glam Rock or just New Rave; whilst the £18 budget video received constant rotation from MTV, in addition to support from Annie Mac and Steve Lamacq.

With a growing back catalogue and fanbase of interest, South Central carried on their label surfing with a string of single releases on Young Turks, Regal and Holiphonic, each one adding a new piece to the puzzle and underlining the South Central ethos of Maximal music, designed for the greatest impact possible but with message in the lyrics. Stimulated by WB Yeats, Orwell, Ouspensky and daring to tackle the taboo subject of child sex rings in ‘Dolls’ on Young Turks, there’s no denying that South Central’s inspirations are deeper than most of their peers.

‘The Owl of Minerva’ is a collection of their finest works of the last 2 years, music that has never been available on CD or mp3, not only acting as a must-have for fans and DJs but also bringing the South Central story right up to the present and paving the way for the South Central debut album in 2009. Taking its title from nineteenth century philosopher Hegel’s assertion that any historical condition can only be understood just as it passes away. It is perhaps no coincidence then that this release also heralds the historic formation of Brighton based ‘Egregore Music’ South Central’s own imprint; realised as means to release South Central output and forthcoming material from like minded souls.

“South Central will have us raving all year long!” - Dazed and Confused

“Golden Dawn has more energy than a hyperactive toddler: a busy blizzard of vocodered vocals, plucked basslines, rave horns and squalling feedback. It’s as if they’re daring people to dance to it, seeing just how far they can push the envelope. Which somehow just makes it all the more indispensable” - IDJ Mag

“This has balls. It’s punk but it’s electro, it hurts your ears but it’s melodic, it’s…it’s…the future I guess, and I like it. This shows a few electro cross-over bands that are out there on our Artrocker radar how it’s really done.” - Artrocker

“…when it goes all old-skool electro it’s rather pleasant - but the overall effect is like being forced screaming into the ‘Smack My Bitch Up’ video and being told you can’t leave until your ears bleed. And believe us, they will.” - NME 

"Miss them at your peril, South Central are at the forefront of British electronic music." - XFM Manchester

After a successful national tour earlier in the year with The Whip, South Central are back on the road throughout October with Does It Offend You Yeah? Please see dates below.

You can catch South Central DJing at their new monthly Saturday night residency at Brighton’s ‘New Hero’ club with a DJ tag team including Nightmoves, Punks Jump Up and Damian Harris and on September 26th South Central begin their France monthly residency at Club NME Paris alongside Ed Banger DJ and the UK’s finest upcoming and established live acts.

South Central (With DOIYY) UK Tour:
Sat 11-Oct-08 Manchester Club Academy UK
Sun 12-Oct-08 Middlesbrough The Empire UK
Mon 13-Oct-08 York Duchess UK
Wed 15-Oct-08 Leicester The Charlotte UK
Thurs 16-Oct-08 Leeds stylus UK
Fri 17-Oct-08 Sheffield Leadmill UK
Sat 18-Oct-08 Birmingham Custard Factory UK
Mon 20-Oct-08 Brighton C2 UK
Tues 21-Oct-08 Portsmouth Wedgewood room UK
Thurs 23-Oct-08 Bristol acd UK
Fri 24-Oct-08 Swansea sin UK
Sat 25-Oct-08 Liverpool academy 2 UK
Mon 27-Oct-08 Glasgow Oran Mor UK
Tues 28-Oct-08 Oxford Regal UK
Wed 29-Oct-08 London Electric Ballroom UK"

Tracklisting for the album...

Golden Dawn
Nothing Can Go Wrong
Castle Of Heroes
Higher State Of Consciousness

Hell yeah! Enjoy the track! Go buy that shit! South Central forever motherfuckers! I'll be back soon!

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