Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Hot Chip in Chicago 29/9/08

So Hot Chip was fucking crazy awesome. I had missed them coming around town like 10 times so I figured it was time to haul my ass down to Chicago and see them no matter what...

Problem was, somehow I was not on the list... now, after driving 3 hours, that'll make you a little pissed. But it has since been resolved with a lot of tact and understanding so I can't be a bitch about it... I've since been taken care of :)

The audience was way into everything, they played everything you could possibly want to hear and it was amazing... what was most amazing was this new song!

This isn't the best quality video because, like all concert videos, it distorts... but you can still get a very good sense of what this song sounds like.

Since you stopped by I imagine you're looking for some music, so here's the oft passed around cover of Snoop Dogg's "Sensual Seduction (aka Sexual Eruption)"...

Hot Chip- "Sensual Seduction" YSI

Hot Chip- "Sensual Seduction" Rapidshare

I'll be right back... as I've mentioned I have loads of stuff I need to get you guys. I'm just sort of sick which is making it difficult...

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