Wednesday, October 22, 2008


This is a nice little midweek treat! An exclusive dubstep mix from Caspa that is fireeeeeeee. And it comes courtesy of none other than Fabric who of course, as always, is bringing the heat with a party next weekend that will melt your face off (and this is the mix to get you excited for THE Halloween event in London). That's how lowd, wild, slick, it will be... you won't have a face left! Which could make for a great Halloween costume!

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1. Caspa - My Pet Monster - Digital Sound Boy
2. Klaxons - Its Not Over - Skream Remix
3. Rusko - Mr Muscle - Sub Soldiers
4. Caspa - Louder VIP - Sub Soldiers
5. Caspa - Floor Them - Digital Sound Boy
6. Emalkay - Explicit - Dub Police
7. Sub Scape - Transaction - Dub Police
8. The Others - Africa VIP - Dub Police
9. Unitz - Wait A Minute - Dub Police
10. Rusko - Jahova - Sub Soldiers
11. Caspa - The Terminator - Sub Soldiers
12. TC - Where's My Money - Caspa Remix – Dstyle
13. Skream - Fick – Tempa

Press blurb sayssssss...
25 minutes of bad bass line ballistics to celebrate Dub Police's Room 3 takeover at fabric this Halloween featuring sets from Caspa, Rusko, L-Wis, Cotti & Clue Kid, The Others, Rod Azlan and Crazy D.

I'm gonna be playing this puppy before I start playing at my own Halloween party. Unfortunately I'm an ocean away and can't make it to Fabric but... at least I've got this mix. And now you do to! Yipeee!

Speaking of exciting I'm talking to none other than the legendary Stanton Warriors tomorrow. Yeah. I know. It's pretty wild isn't it?!?! Be expecting that one up on this page real soon! Check back, got good things in store for you!

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