Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Eugene Francis Jr 'Electric Hobo' Remix!

Eugene Francis Jr was on the site a while ago for a REALLY catchy single "Poor Me" and I figured it was time we checked out what he was up to again. Normally his "sound" isn't up my alley but I really enjoyed his songs...

I got my hands on a nice *cough* 'new rave' (didn't I say I wasn't going to use that phrase anymore?) mix of his new single... so I'm hoping you iPod folks and the DJ kids get into this one... 'HOBO OCCUPATION' (aka 'Electric Hobo')... this will actually be perfect for fans of Bright Eyes "Digital Ash In A Digital Urn" album...

Eugene Francis Jr- "Electric Hobo" YSI

Eugene Francis Jr- "Electric Hobo" Rapidshare

If you're in the UK cop the album from the link below!
Eugene Francis Jnr

Eugene and 'The Juniors' are playing the following UK/US and European Dates :

23/10/08 : USA : Webster Hall, New York (for CMJ)
06/11/08 : UK : Academy, Manchester : with Todd Rundgren
07/11/08 : UK : Picture House, Edinburgh : with Todd Rundgren
09/11/08 : DENMARK : Amager Bio, Copenhagen : with Todd Rundgren
10/11/08 : FINLAND : House of Culture, Helsinki : with Todd Rundgren
12/11/08 : SWEDEN : Traddgaarn, Gothenburg : with Todd Rundgren
13/11/08 : SWEDEN : Kulturbolaget, Malmo : with Todd Rundgren
16/11/08 : GERMANY : Harmonie, Bonn : with Todd Rundgren
18/11/08 : ITALY : Rolling Stone, Milan : with Todd Rundgren
20/11/08 : FRANCE : Trabendo, Paris : with Todd Rundgren
22/11/08 : UK : Waterfront, Norwich : with Todd Rundgren
23/11/08 : UK : Kentish Town Forum, London : with Todd Rundgren
29/11/08 : UK : Arena, Sheffield : with Coldplay
01/12/08 : UK : NIA, Birmingham : with Coldplay
02/12/08 : UK : NIA, Birmingham : with Coldplay
03/12/08 : UK : NIA, Birmingham : with Coldplay
06/12/08 : UK : SECC Hall, Glasgow : with Coldplay
07/12/08 : UK : Echo Arena, Liverpool : with Coldplay
09/12/08 : UK : SECC Hall, Glasgow : with Coldplay
15/12/08 : UK : O2, London : with Coldplay

Those are pretty big names so I suspect big things in Mr. Francis' future. Once again glad to get in on ground level with his career so that a year from now when he's blown up I can still get an interview lol... Here's the video for "Poor Me"...

Hope you enjoyed... there's probably another post coming today about Roses Kings and Castles, a project from Babyshambles' Adam Ficek, for which I have some dope remixes. Stay tuned...

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