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200th POST! Arcadian Family Portrait: Heads We Dance (Plus Free Mixtape!)

I figured we needed something special for the 200th post so here it is. I want to say thank you to all of you, the people on the inside and the people behind the keyboards for everything. This blogging thing has changed my life and I never would have guessed that when I started this account. So I hope this is as much fun for you as it is for me... but I really just wanna say thank you.

Heads We Dance have received quite a lot of coverage here on the site... enough to warrant being part of the fam. I liked their music from the time we first spoke, and their involvement with Frankmusik is what allowed me to become chummy with Monsieur Vincent.

Heads We Dance do a type of pop music that the world needs more of. I'm very sad that right now in music most "pop" is ephemeral and won't endure at all. The remixes may be fun but the longevity does not exist. For Heads We Dance, this is not even an issue which is why I keep my ear to the ground for everything they do.

You may have caught previous bios but it bears repeating :)

Leeds based band Heads We Dance write "custom chromed aerodynamic pop" (Losing Today) influenced by Daft Punk, Depeche Mode, Roxy Music, Timbaland and Pet Shop Boys. Taking their name from a Kate Bush lyric, Heads We Dance are inspired by the early sci-fi visions of 'Metropolis', Aldous Huxley and Philip K Dick, and a fascination with love, modern life and the internet. Heads We Dance played their first show at the Dead Disco single launch in September 2006, three weeks after forming, and have since been described live as achieving " an unfathomably glamorous and energetic take on disco pop... damn, it's great to watch" (via Tasty fanzine)

Ahhh yes... so many of my fav bands share that love of Philip K Dick (I'm looking at you Vince) and Huxley. I literally feel like this is music I've been waiting my whole life to hear. Not that there are other bands that haven't been influenced by the same things... don't misunderstand me... it's that these are the some of the first groups in my generation that are making waves and know what they stand for. The talk the talk, walk the walk, read the books, and have impressive record collections (no doubt). I need this from artists/bands that I want to align myself with... commonality in the most uncommon way... HWD are those types of trailblazers.

I meant to get this up a couple of days ago but this cold WILL NOT go away. Sorry about that... I promise I'm doing everything I can to keep things moving.

Here's the real fun part! A fucking SWEET mixtape from Heads We Dance just for you kids! The track choice is perfect... and what's better is it's only 24 mins long! That's perfect for the drive to work or cardio at the gym. Unlike some mixtapes you see online and think "is this any good?"... I can assure you this one is exactly what you wanna hear... I mean it's got some more 'rare' Daft Punk for the first two tracks (Le Knight Club being one of the Daft Punkers)... and then tracks from Arcadia friends SMD, The Kills, and fam Black Ghosts and Ladyhawke! And gobs of aural goodness inbetween!

The full tracklisting is:

Daft Punk - Fresh
Le Knight Club - Nymphae Song
Simian Mobile Disco - Hustler (Joakim Remix)
MSTRKRFT - Bounce (Felix Cartal Remix)
Treasure Fingers - Cross The Dancefloor (Lifelike Remix)
The Presets - Talk Like That (Miami Horror Remix)
Cut Copy - Hearts On Fire (Knightlife Remix)
Public Enemy - Harder Than You Think (NeOn Remix)
The Kills - Cheap and Cheerful (SebastiAn Remix)
The Black Ghosts - Any Way You Choose To Give It (Boy 8 Bit Remix)
A-Trak - Say Whoa
Ladyhawke - Dusk Till Dawn (Linus Loves Remix)
Chromeo - Tenderoni (MSTRKRFT Remix)
2pac - California Love (Big Na$ty Remix)
MGMT - Kids (Soulwax Nite Version)
Black Affair - Tak! Attack!
Madonna - Into The Groove (Sidechains Remix)

Heads We Dance Nailgun Mixtape YSI

Heads We Dance Nailgun Mixtape Rapidshare

If the downloads have run out go over to their Myspace and cop it! The tape of course is to draw attention to their Nailgun nightclub night, which if you're in the area, you'd be a fool to miss...

Their next single, 'The Human Touch', will be available on 24th November through Gold City Records. Apparently Empire is doing the design work and it's different from what we've heard from them thus far... I'm VERY interested.

I was told to "encourage people to contact us with song requests and for free guestlist places at the new club night"... so do that shit up! And make sure you tell them 'Arcadia' sent you! I mean it! Once again their Myspace link...



I'll be right back...

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