Thursday, October 09, 2008

Hot Chip autographed vinyl for me :)

I mentioned in my previous post that there was some confusion with me being on the list for the amazing Hot Chip show in Chicago. Well, that was the biggest blessing in disguise ever :) As you can see from the picture above I just about fainted when I got the mail last night... big thanks to Gabby and the Hot Chip boys!

Since I'm on cloud 9 because of this perhaps I should do something to put you in the same frame of mind. If this legendary remix doesn't do it I don't know what would!

Hot Chip- "Colours (Fred Falke Remix)" YSI

And here's another more rare one for you... off the "All Filler, No Killer" tour cd...
Hot Chip- "So Free" Rapidshare

If somehow you STILL don't have "Made In The Dark" I suggest you go to record store right now and get it because you're really missing out! Also while we're on the same subject go cop the "One Pure Thought" 7" with a fire ass remix from Toddla T! It's on blue vinyl too with a sleeve that's really really really dope. In fact the sleeve is like this video for the song...

Ok, as I said I've got loads of interviews I'm working on... I'd expect Dead Kids and Adam Ficek next... keep checking back!

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