Saturday, October 25, 2008

Massive Attack vs Snoop Dogg- "Calling Mumia"

I was recently having a chat with some of my coworkers about how "mainstream" radio is intersecting quite a bit with underground artists (many of them being British). Good examples are the success of "Paper Planes" by M.I.A., the oft passed around Gnarls Barkley cover of Radiohead's "Reckoner", Timbaland bringing "Courtship Dating" to the people via "Ayo Technology" (maybe that's the other way around, I haven't been paying attention to Crystal Castles news recently). Of course it's not just limited to that, It's Radiohead selling a shitload of albums in a country that forgot about them as a whole only to start displaying their album in every Target store and Starbucks... and loads of other shit I can't even begin to get into.

But one of the coolest intersections between the mainstream and indie music is this collabo between 100 Suns (Massive Attack's production company) and Snoop Dogg. The track is for a new movie about Mumia called "In Prison My Whole Life". Here's some background from Stereogum:

"Calling Mumia" is a collaboration between Snoop and 3D from Massive Attack ("100 Suns" is MA's music production company) for the forthcoming Marc Evans-directed documentary In Prison My Whole Life. The storyline: A dude (Will Francome) born the day Mumia Abu-Jamal was arrested in Philadelphia for the alleged murder of a police officer, Daniel Faulkner, investigates the case, trying to imagine what it'd be like to be on death row his whole life (25 years so far). Abu-Jamal's maintained his innocence since being locked up, and a lot of folks believe him: The film includes talking heads like Noam Chomsky, Alice Walker, Mos Def, Snoop, and Angela Davis. It also includes this track (pretty great production), which you can hear at The movie opens in the UK this weekend."

I'm gonna post this track, but only long enough for the Hype Machine to register it... then I'm pulling it (so don't C&D my ass). Unfortunately I just can't justify leaving this up... I think it's more important to draw attention to the movie than it is to share a track. I'm going to go so far as to say DON'T DOWNLOAD THE SONG IF YOU DO CATCH IT UP. You've gotta respect that this is bigger than this blog...

I do have do say though it's a really effective crossover track that will hopefully get people interested in this film. If you've gotta hear it stream it from the link above. If you're looking for something new and that's why you're here? Well remixes of "Midnight Request Line" just appeared online from both Hot Chip and Switch... there's something that's worth finding :)

100 Suns (Massive Attack) vs Snoop Dogg- "Chasing Mumia"

Ok, I have a track from GTA I want to post so that's probably up next. It's hard to keep up with this thing lol... but I do it for you guys!

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