Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Frankmusik- Live & Lost with Blackberry: Day Three Video

Frankmusik is still plugging along for Frankmusik- Live & Lost with Blackberry despite pretty serious illness. I'll spare you the details because you'll catch them in this new video... but to say the least the poor guy needs a break.
Live And Lost with BlackBerry® Day 3

Check out the website for his itinerary and funny little bits like this!

Please, if you live in the UK, check where he's going and if at all possible offer up your spare bedroom, couch... or a car ride... or perhaps some painkillers for the poor chap!
Frankmusik- "Just Fine" YSI
Frankmusik- "Missing You (Everything But The Girl Cover)" YSI
Frankmusik- "Your Face" YSI
Be back soon...


Anonymous said...
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Adam G said...

Oh No!
They've gone.

I'd especially like to hear the Everything But The Girl cover.
Is there any chance you could reupload these? Perhaps to Mediafire where stuff doesn't seem to expire.


Patch said...

Adam G, if you really want the song email me :)