Thursday, March 26, 2009

Frankmusik- Live & Lost with Blackberry: Day Five Video

Frankmusik- Live & Lost with Blackberry is one of the most interesting musical/media experiences in a while... but I'll review it's significance once it's done. Right now we have to take care of Frankmusik, who is lost somewhere in the cold ass UK, and has tonsillitis!

Check out all the previous posts for more info... basically, our musical hero, is stuck in the middle of nowhere, with almost no cash, and is required to find his way from gig to gig. THE KEY IS ONLY YOU CAN HELP HIM! Check out the L&L itinerary here to help!

Live And Lost with BlackBerry® Day 5

This was the first song the man sent to me... it's the original version of "In Step" which I hope you enjoy :)
Frankmusik- "In Step (Original Version)" Mediafire
Frankmusik- "In Step (Original Version)" YSI
Check back as I'll be adding more content as Frankmusik- Live & Lost with Blackberry progresses!

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