Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Metronomy - "Radio Ladio (Mae Shi Remix)"

I remember talking to Metronomy, like at least a year ago, and suggesting we do an interview. I think the problem was initially getting through the PR people, and then finally an interview was agreed to...

...and I never wrote it. See, sometimes balancing being a marketing worker bee/husband doesn't balance so well with being a blogger. I don't make shit doing this so... sometimes those interviews get put in the background so that your life doesn't fall apart lol...

In lieu of somethign 'meatier' (i.e. an interview) I've got another nice Metronomy remix for you guys!

Here's some press...
There’s been a few Radio Ladio remixes knocking around, the Micachu remix for example being one of the best ones. Here’s a Mae Shi remix which I hope you’ll enjoy! Feel free to download, post and share away to your hearts content! Links to more info and the Metronomy sites are below too!

Metronomy- "Radio Ladio (Mae She Rmx)"

It's my birthday so I've got some shit to attend to! Like nothing... but it sounded good eh?

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