Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Scion Electro House Competition: Win a copy of Pro Tools!

Remix competitions are EVERYWHERE. I still have a grip of WAV files I can't find the time to mess with... Klaxons, Horrors, Editors, Radiohead, Hard Fi, Steve Angelo, Franz Ferdinand, and then a bunch more that are probably not for competitions, that I haven't been able to follow up on lol!

They're a dime a dozen. So what's the problem? I mean WAV files are wicked right? You're getting the same advantage with those that professional remixers/artists do! So that's awesome right?

Well, it's awesome if you have loads, and loads, of time. Case and point: I started remixing the new Frankmusik single "Better Off As Two" two weekends ago and I can't get anywhere with it. Why? Well there initially was one vocal (the left channel) which I had to split into about 10 parts in order to lay down a foundation (funny the difference between 120 and 120.5 BPM; what a headache)... then a week later I was able to secure the right channel (which really hadn't been available) and had to go back and do the same. THAT MEANS I SPENT TWO SATURDAYS splitting the vocal up to match the tempo in Reason and JUST laying down the basics. F-R-U-S-T-R-A-T-I-N-G.

Now, ultimately, that's cool because one day you guys will hear a wicked remixes of his last two singles from me... but in a time sensitive competition? It can be a little more than difficult finding time and using your own software/hardware. Unless I go pro, I'll never win one of these things because I don't have the time. I work 55 hours a week and am married... how am I gonna get a remix done perfectly in two weeks? Using my own set up is too complicated to do anything quickly.

The other alternative is "web based" mixers. Most web-based mixers for remix competitions are garbage. Another good example: Without getting too specific; a "new rave" band had a special remix competition and the program would BARELY stay open on a Mac and only contained about 6 channels (bass, vox, backup vox, guitar, guitar 2, effects)... it was said the winners would be on their single. Um, if the people who remixed the single (for a name think She-Ra/Atari game+Canada=Black Hoodies) were actually winners? They exported those sounds to a keyboard and recorded it through hardware not a little software mixing console. That thing had NO flexibility.

So the joy of the modern accessible electronic music era! WAV files for all! Little chance of winning! Crap software! What's the solution?

Well, I think I saw the future while watching a little demo for Scion's Electro House Blender. It's a web-based, flash mixer... and I know I was just complaining about this, but hold on... it's got 800 sounds! Not 6 sounds... 800! Now, I know that sometimes you want all the parts to yourself to run through you fave soft-synths but, to level the playing field for the rest of us this type of web sequencer type app is perfect for a competition. In this specific case, it wouldn't make sense to give you a zip file of 800 sounds, but in the future this type of program (and maybe offering sounds files) may be a good 1/2 way point between the pros and people who don't have multiple weeks to remix something.

Scion has REALLY put themselves at the forefront of electronic music. Traditionally I have opposed "corporate sponsorship" in music but I realized (as I'm pretty far away from my angst ridden teen years) that companies are going to be the new distributors and that's actually a good thing. Being signed to a label (especially the smaller ones, which electronic labels tend to be) is more like being in a gang now, where the name of the gang gives you access to worlds you wouldn't see otherwise... but going forward it's going to be companies and corporations putting our fav music out because we, the people, have shown them 9/10 we're just gonna take it anyway. The labels are just going to be there to represent quality. And more than ever the consumer is going to be responsible for what's being released and what is successful!

Scion A/V has really trail blazed here and is one of the front runners in changing the music industry. Their compilations have been quality, the design is amazing, and they are repeatedly making music history.

I think it's really rad that they've offered up a website to mix this song on, then they've got a widget to track the most popular mixes, and last but not least... users can create their own mixes for a chance to win the new ProTools software! So if you win you can learn to be a full on remix virtuoso with ProTools (which is, for those of you who don't know, the industry standard of professional producers). Man, I don't even have a copy of ProTools... whoever wins this is gonna be a lucky mug lol!

SO GET TO MIXING! Go forth and win and upon the receiving the good news exclaim "'In Search Of Arcadia' helped me get here!" hahaha... But seriously, good luck to all of you, and get on it because the future can't wait.

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST... for those of you who didn't catch it the first time Discobelle just released a mixtape with Scion that is BLAZING. Check out more here. And if you're in Miami this week check out more tomorrow and the next day!

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