Saturday, March 21, 2009

I NEED YOU TO HELP FRANKMUSIK: "Live & Lost" begins today!

Somewhere between Iverness and Glasgow our dear friend Frankmusik (born Vincent Frank) is probably not doing so hot.

Why you ask?

Today his 5 gigs in 10 days experiment with Blackberry called "Live & Lost" started. They dumped him in a field with like 20 quid and told him to find his way to Glasgow. Now granted, there's a dude with a camera following him, but I mean outside of conversation he's fucked. No food, little money, and in the middle of nowhere.

TO MAKE IT EVEN MORE MESSED UP... Vince has got tonsillitis according to his doctor so... he's supposed to be walking around in the cold, with a cold that affects his voice, and the only people who can help him out are you guys. Yeah, you guys. GO FUCKING FIND FRANKMUSIK AND TAKE CARE OF HIM! Dude is in bad shape. See it here...
Friday Part One

Here is a little trailer that they did for this show... to give you a better idea what it's all about...

I probably sounds like a nice phony stunt? But I assure you that lots of things other than his health are at stake at the moment. With out the help of you British people the man will be in dire straits. I'm totally relying on you guys because I can't do anything other than spread the word... I'm a whole ocean away.

So get at it! Check out to find out where he's at. Apparently he's using Myspace/Twitter/Website and his lappie to pull this off. Go and tell him Patch from ISoA sent you :)

I dunno what to post because, well, Vince is in the middle of nowhere so I can't ask him. Bro, if I get this wrong sorry! I'm gonna hit em hard with tracks to draw attention to all this... yell at me later if need be lol. Also big thanks to Kal from Frankisum for help selecting a good selection of tracks.

Ok children, feast on songs. And once full, go save Vincent Frank!

Frankmusik- "That Much Is True"

Frankmusik- "Questionable Times"

Frankmusik- "Shoot The Breeze (Demo)"

Frankmusik- "So Keep Telling Yo Self (Demo)"

Frankmusik- "Time Will Tell"

Frankmusik- "Unreachable (Demo)"

And as a traffic booster...
Lady GaGa- "Eh, Eh Nothing Else I Can Say (Frankmusik Silverspoon Remix)"

Ok. Make sure you take care of the man... be back soon!


Mere said...

Can you do me a huge favor and e-mail the songs "Questionable times" and "that this much is true", I'm in love with that song and I cannot find it anywhere. Pleasssseeee.
E-mail address is:

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

can u re-up the songs?

would be great!

thanks - great blog!

Anonymous said...

i cannot download them... the file has "expired"

Anonymous said...

hi! care to reup questionable times & that this much is true?
i can't even find a youtube video for them.:( i really want to listen to those songs because i've read the lyrics and they really struck me