Monday, March 09, 2009

EXCLUSIVE: New Robot Koch (of Jahcoozi) "Robots Don't Sleep" Mixtape!

Things have been less than awesome recently. I've got a abscess, that may or may not be cancerous, in my mouth... Hype Machine's front page has switched to only the top 100 blogs (based on Technorati+Delicious+Hype data) on their front page... I cut my meds in half out of financial necessity... and the weather is shit to boot.

But see it's when things are fuck awful like that when someone rides in a blazing white mechanized stallion from the future to save your day... and that person today is Robert "Robot" Koch of Jahcoozi! He's been a long time friend of the blog, in fact he's Arcadian Family (see links on the sidebar), and anytime he makes an appearance it makes the whole week better... no seriously, the numbers on the tracker go through the ceiling lol!

He's got a couple of records coming out in April that you might want to keep a lookout for:

JAHCOOZI - watching you on suagarcane rec (incl. rmx by oliver $ and two fingers)
ROBOT KOCH VS CEREBRAL VORTEX - upside down on jakarta rec (inl. bugatti force rmx)

Today, however, what we have to offer is a blogger's wet dream. This mixtape is full to the brim with exclusives and unreleased tracks. As opposed to the Justice vs Lykke Li (Random-Nobody-Reedit) type mixtapes that we see all over, this tape is one that won't leave your iPod anytime soon! But given how well you've all responded to his other posts I'm sure you already know this :) This is a perfect follow up to Mackaveli's more 2-step oriented mix that I posted at the end of last week; a nice low hard hitting dubstep filled mixtape with melodies popping out all over the place...

Robot Koch- Robots Don't Sleep Mixtape

1. Rahsaan Roland Kirk – I say a little prayer
2. Robot Koch – love and the machine
3. The Bug –Skeng
4. Sneaky feat. Barbara Panther – feel like a king (robot koch remix)
5. Evil Nine feat. El P – all the cash (gltichtmob rmx)
6. Jahcoozi vs Destinys Child – indelible/say my name
7. Kromestar –kalawanji
8. Benga – crunked up
9. Conquest vs Perseph One – hardfood/oh slippin
10. Distance – V
11. Skream vs Jahcoozi -chest boxin /he who is well dressed
12. Skream – 2d
13. Death from above 1979 – black histoy month
14. Rustie & Joker – play doe
15. SP MC - trust nobody
16. Unknown vs Richie spice-burning
17. Ratatat vs Richie spice– burning
18. Desmond Dekker – shanty town
19. Rustie- zig zag
20. Nosaj Thing - aquarium
21. Frikstailers -ta
rtamoodo disco
22. Lou Ragland –what happened to the feeling
23. Robot Koch vs Flako - the last astronaut
24. Dabrye+MF Doom – Air20(Robot Koch vs Flako20rmx)
25. Robot Koch vs.Cerebral Vortex - madness
26. Radiohead =E
2 reckoner (Robot Koch rmx)
27. Phantogram – when i`m small
28. Gas Lamp Killer - Kobwebs feat. Gonjasufi/ birthday music 07
29. Samiyam – quesadilla
30. FlyamSam_The Offbeat
31. Santogold - icarus

Once again in case you were so excited you missed it...
JAHCOOZI - watching you on suagarcane rec (incl. rmx by oliver $ and two fingers)
ROBOT KOCH VS CEREBRAL VORTEX - upside down on jakarta rec (inl. bugatti force rmx)

Big thanks to Robot Koch! I'll be back soon with news from The BPA and that Commix interview I promised you a while ago lol...

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