Wednesday, March 11, 2009

EXCLUSIVE: Mini Viva "I Left My Heart In Tokyo" Acid Girls Remix!

Now first off... let me say that I don't even look at other women ever... my wife is SO crazy hot! I really mean that. This kid I knew from grade school was commending me on being able to get the crown jewel (see she doesn't know she's that smokin') and I was like "I know! How the hell did that happen?!?"...

Now, having said that Mini Viva are some serious lookers. I mean, I'm not looking, but I know other people are going to... and not just because they're like models that sing... but also because they've got some high profile remixes from the like of Treasure Fingers, the ever amazing Fred Falke and now my boys Acid Girls! I'm stoked because I don't often get the chance to post about artists I know, and like, from the U.S. but every once and a while the stars align and I get a Brit group and a remix from my American peeps!

I don't know much about them but... apparently they have good remixes? And apparently they've got vids on Myspace :)
Mini Viva @ Water Rats

Mini Viva- "I Left My Heart In Tokyo (Acid Girls Remix)"

Hopefully this one won't be subject to a DMCA take down AS IT'S PRE-APPROVED MATERIAL LIKE THE LAST TAKE DOWN I GOT! Seriously, I got my 5th one yesterday for a post on my boy Toddla T that was completely legit!

I also hope it will show up on Hype Machine... they have at least temporarily reverted to their "normal" layout after trying to only put the top 100 blogs on the front page. My song/mixes haven't been showing up (like the awesome Robot Koch mix) but I cross my fingers and hope this post shows up because I'm excited!

To take a close, *cough*, look at Mini Viva go to their Myspace! Be back soon!

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