Friday, November 03, 2006

Make way for the ESS-OH-VEE!

I'm sorry I didn't get around to doing any posts since Tuesday... I've been way busy and life has been insane... but that doesn't really matter so I'll get on to the post... actually, really quick before I do that... I would like to thank everyone who has decided to try out the free 25 song eMusic trial from my site... I was surprised to see that every time I take money out of my bank account it just comes back! Also, the numbers of people who have just been visiting have been staggering (I mean something to the tune of even if I don't post 135 people a day still come to the site) so thanks to everyone who stops by! You have no idea what it means to me! On those shitty days where I think I'm going to get fired from my job for no reason, and my 'friends' are stabbing me in the back, and everyone is asking for something... you guys make my life better by just stopping by! You should think about adding my feed to your blog reader eh? Hehehehe...

Sooooooo... last night I went to Chicago to see Lady Sovereign at the Metro. It was fucking fantastic. She was a slightly inebriated from the beginning and actually exclaimed "I'm just drunk and fucked up... whooooo" after a couple songs letting the crowd know if they had not yet figured it out. No doubt the girl likes a pint, but I mean she was really rowdy! This made the show more interesting than the last time I saw her, but her voice did suffer (as well as her ability to enunciate her lyrics) as a result. No bother though, because the energy was through the ceiling. She actually managed to make the show more cohesive in the second half hour starting with her cover of the Sex Pistols "Pretty Vacant" which was awesome (and is going to be on a future episode of "The O.C." and will appear on the new O.C. covers comp from the show... if you were expecting a disasterous cover of a classic song you are wayyyyyy off the mark... it's fantastic). EssOhVee was supposed to stick around and 'DJ' after the show but I don't think she ever made it there. I saw her talking to fans from inside her bus outside the Metro and she and I even exchanged a little playful round of sticking our tongues out at each other before she and her DJ shut their door. I cannot confirm or deny if she did do the 'afterparty' in the Metro balcony (as Heather and I went downstairs to check out MSTRKRFT at the Smart Bar for a sec) but I would think not........... Heather and I hailed a cab, rode up to Andersonville, walked 4 blocks to our car, got straight on Lakeshore, went to 94 (all of which took no time at all), and about a half hour later on the toll road I passed Lady Sov's bus (how do I know it was her's? Well the back said '' or some shit, and the little camper in front of the bus was the same one that was outside). I don't think anyone went home disappointed though! I really really really recommend that you go grab 'Public Warning', or jump on eMusic and get the more indie-friendly 'Vertically Challenged'. You might as well sign up from here yeah? (If you do I will love you forever!)

Here's a fun little interview with the Lady herself... at the end she declares that the best part of being S-O-V is being a midget?!?! She is a funky little monkey...

There's also still quite a few dates on the tour... I would recommend you get out there and see her!

11/05/06 The Varsity Theater Minneapolis 18+
11/07/06 Fox Theatre & Cafe Boulder AA
11/10/06 Commodore Ballroom Vancouver 19+
11/11/06 Neumos Seattle AA
11/12/06 Wonder Ballroom Portland AA
11/14/06 Club Mezzanine San Francisco 21+
11/15/06 El Rey Theatre Los Angeles AA
11/18/06 Empire Ballroom Las Vegas 21+
11/19/06 House of Blues-San Diego San Diego AA
11/22/06 Gypsy Tea Room & Ballroom Dallas 17+
11/23/06 The Parish Austin AA
11/24/06 Meridian Red Room Houston AA
11/26/06 The Parish New Orleans 18+
11/27/06 The Beta Bar Tallahassee AA
11/28/06 Studio A Miami 18+
11/30/06 The State Theatre St. Petersburg AA
12/01/06 The Loft Atlanta AA

I wanted to post some awesome shit that no one has but I guess I don't need Def Jam trying to sue me... so instead here is 'Public Warning (Live)'... I know people probably thinking I'm sucking Def Jam's dick and that's why I keep posting Sov tracks but truth be told it's just because I fucking love her... I hope she get's Gnarls Barkley sized success... because hopefully a little British female MC can open some doors for more females or more Brits... speaking of... Dizzee Rascal! Where's your new album at? This would be a good time to get one out!

Lady Sovereign- 'Public Warning (Live)'

Well I wanted to post more but both zShare and YouSendIt are being shit... as soon as I have a post ready... even if it's short... I'll throw it up... Probably something full of British hip-hop? See doesn't that sounds yummy? Keep it tuned... or if you can't wait go check out some Lady Sov or Fat Jon or whatever at eMusic!

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